Which Strains Is CBD Oil Made Of & What Are Its Benefits?

I would be rather surprised to hear that you still don’t know how CBD oil is made. This product has become so popular that there is no way for you to stay unfamiliar with it. You can, however, stay uninformed or get ill-informed if you don’t make sure to get your information from all the right sources. There is always a way to learn more about this product, but the trick is in learning from reliable sources.

The most important question that will have to be answered regarding CBD oil is which cannabis strain it is made of. This might not seem like a big deal to you at first, but it is actually extremely significant, since it determines which substances are put in the product and knowing what you are consuming is definitely important. In addition to this, you will probably be curious about the benefits of this particular product. In this article, I will answer both of these questions.

The Cannabis Strains

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There are two strains of this plant that we know of and that we use for all kinds of purposes, sometimes medicinal and sometimes even recreational. I’m not here, however, to talk about the recreational usage of some of these plants. Even though this practice is legal in some states, it is still illegal in a lot of places. On the other hand, the medicinal use is perfectly legal and especially when the products are manufactured from one particular strain.

The two strains that I am talking about are known as Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. We are more interested in the sativa strains, because those are the ones used in the production of the CBD oil that people are increasingly consuming. Now, saying that it comes from the sativa plants isn’t enough, since there are various plants found in this family.

Let us make things a bit clearer, then. As explained on cheefbotanicals.com, the CBD oil that people are crazy about these days is made from a plant called hemp. It comes from the sativa family and it is characterized by a discrepancy in the ratio between THC and Cannabidiol. To put things simply, this plant contains extremely high amounts of Cannabidiol and almost insignificant THC amounts, meaning that it isn’t psychoactive.

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Since cannabis became very popular in Europe and North America in recent years, and many countries made it legal, we can see a lot of new sorts made from combinations of different strains. Here are some of the most popular strains of cannabis with a high amount of CBD:

  • Charlotte’s Web; This marijuana strain is one of the most popular in the world, and its main feature is a high percentage of CBD of around 20%, along with a very small amount of THC. Therefore, the oil made from this strain is perfect for people that don’t like to get high. The main benefits of oil made from Charlotte’s Web are related to fibromyalgia, Dravet’s Syndrome, migraines, muscle spasms, and more.
  • Harle-Tsu; This strain represents a combination of Harlequin strain and a Sour Tsunami, and it is mostly indica. The reason why it is so popular for CBD oil is because of the high percentage of cannabidiol and less than one percent of THC, which means that there is no chance to feel high from it.
  • ACDC; This marijuana strain is a half hybrid half indica with around 20% of CBD. When it comes to THC, there is a big difference between the buds, where one could have over 5%, while another will have less than 0.5% of this ingredient. The main benefit of oil made out of this strain is that it can keep you more focused and increase your mental functions.
  • Harlequin; This sort is mostly Sativa, and it has high levels of both THC and CBD. This strain is for people who love to combine the effects of CBD and energizing features of THC. You can use this sort for the treatment of depression, chronic pain, PTSD, inflammation, and stress.

Benefits Of CBD Oil

The fact that this product isn’t psychoactive is enough to make us realize that the product is safe for human consumption. In fact, research has shown that Cannabidiol is also safe for animal consumption, which is why there are a lot of products out there made for our pets, such as oils, treats and other edibles. Yet, let us not dwell on animals, since we are here to talk about people.

Just because something is safe, it doesn’t immediately mean that it is effective and beneficial. So, before you start taking this product, you will probably want to hear more about its potential benefits. Let us look a bit deeper into that, so that you can understand what CBD is good for and whether you can actually benefit from it. I suppose that this is what you are most curious about.

There are a lot of things that CBD oil is said to help with. First of all, it is taken as a supplement to help perfectly healthy people get a better night’s sleep or increase the levels of their overall energy. This supplement makes up for all the cannabinoids that our bodies aren’t capable of producing on their own at certain points. This means that CBD oil has a positive effect on people’s overall health and well-being.

Promoting general health isn’t the only benefit of CBD oil, though. This product can help ease all types of pains that you might be affected by. Plus, it can make epileptic seizures less severe and less frequent. There is also evidence that it can help cancer patients fight and beat this aggressive disease.

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A lot of research is still being done about the Cannabidiol extracted from hemp, meaning that we can expect a lot more benefits to be discovered. Still, what we have learned so far is definitely enough to have us all go crazy about the product. CBD oil appears to be extremely beneficial, so it’s no wonder that it is so popular.

However, we can assume most of the benefits from the experience of users. For example, a lot of people claim how CBD is great for anxiety, which is a common issue today. According to some researches, there is a possibility that the oil might affects the receptors in our brain that are producing serotonin. Moreover, some studies are related to the connection between CBD and successful treatment of neuro physical disorders like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and more.

The best prove how a CBD can have positive effects on our bodies comes from the people who are frequently using the hemp oil for chronic pain, muscle pain, arthritis, spinal cord injuries, and more. Furthermore, there are many studies related to the connection between CBD and a potential cure for cancer. According to the experts, cannabidiol can help people to feel less pain and reduce chances for diseased cells to reproduce. Moreover, oil is great for the prevention of side-effects that people can get from chemotherapy.

Nevertheless, we can see a lot of brands who started selling cosmetic products with CBD oil, and there are many reasons to use some cream, soap, mask, and many other skincare products with this ingredient since it is great for the treatment of acne and proper protection of your face, skin, and hair.

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