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Will Smith’s Gemini Man – 2024 Review

The poster for “Gemini Man” directed by Ang Lee has a young Will Smith staring down at the much older, with gray hair Will smith. Gemini Man is a film that has been in development in Hollywood for a very long time – maybe even decades. It’s a concept where it focuses on an elite assassin who wants to get out of the game, who is then targeted and pursued by a mysterious equally skilled assassin that can predict the veteran’s every move.

This new hitman is so skilled and clued is that he’s the clone of Brogan (Will Smith), 25 younger. The scene is set for a younger vs older face-off and only of them will be able to survive.

While this may not seem like such a unique experience since it has been used previously in other screenplays. However, while most movies cast different actors to depict the younger and older versions, “Gemini Man” uses a one and only actor to play both ages. The reason why the film was stuck in development hell is that the technology needed to create it was simply still not advanced enough.

After the release of some convincing examples of de-aging in movies like “Rogue One” or “Captain Marvel”, the tech finally seemed good enough for “Gemini Man” to be filmed. Here are some of our thoughts about Will Smith’s “Gemini Man”, and everything we know about it.

Is Will Smith de-aged in “Gemini Man” and does it look good?

According to, Will Smith and the filmmakers do not consider this as dee-aging, which is usually done by digitally altering the actor’s facial features to make them look younger. In this movie, they believe this is a “100 percent fully digital character”. You may think that this sounds like “too much” CGI, but honestly, we saw it and it looks pretty convincing.

Has Hollywood ever done something like this before?

Technically, no. Digital humans have been previously put into movies before, but, according to Guy Williams “this is the first time where the leading character of the films is a totally recognizable human.” This process would simply be impossible even just 5 years ago as the technology was there yet.

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How was the 3D feature?

The movie is filmed in 4K 3-D, which created a very crisp and clear image. Keep in mind that it wasn’t a simple 3-D conversion, in which the movie is updated to the 3-D format later. The action shots in “Gemini Man” were filmed for full immersion, making you feel like you are right there in those moments.

How will the high frame-rate look like?

This movie was filmed at 120 frames per second, which is unusual when compared to the 24 frame standard. This high refresh rate will give you a much sharper view and less blurry action scenes.

Will I be able to see it at 120 FPS in the theater?

Not likely, as most locations that project the movie in 3D do it at 60 frames per second, which is still more than enough to notice the difference when compared to 24 FPS.

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