What to Do With Your Outdoor Items While Planning for a Move?

When you move from a place to another, you take your belongings along with you. Moving for humans is more accessible as they can do it themselves. However, moving and resetting the commodities in a new place is a tedious task and only long distance moving companies can help you perform it with great ease.

A safe movement is a priority. In order to ensure that, safe packing is another essential thing you must put effort into. Get it done by yourself or hire some professionals.

Aptly packed items are free of outer harm. They reach their destination safely and successfully. Therefore, it is essential to take special care of your outdoor items while packing and moving. Let’s discuss the few things to do with outdoor items when you plan to move!

Make an inventory:


The first thing to do is making an inventory of all the items that you have in your home. With information on all the items present at your home, you will know how to proceed with packing and moving of the items. This will make the entire process easier and smooth and you will not have to deal with the unwanted moving related stress.

You can also donate, sell or throw unwanted items in the inventory as this is the perfect time to declutter your home and make a small moving inventory.

A Session of Detailed Cleaning


The idea of a detailed-oriented cleaning is a wise one. Clean your furniture, surrounding thoroughly. A cleaning session might take some time, but it is worth it. Why?

Because you get a clearer picture of your belongings. It helps you to decide what to take with and what not to. If some of your items are dirty, they make other things dirty too when you pack them altogether.

Clean them using a cleaning spray. It takes less time but does the job. Wipe the surrounding well and finally rinse off with water. Don’t forget to get all the cracks & crevices on your furniture. Put some effort while cleaning the grill.

Get rid of the soot and ashes from inside and clean up the grease or ash catcher. You can check the cleaner manual to find if there is any suggestion regarding cleaning. Apply the advanced cleaning trick for better cleaning.

Packing is Important


Once the cleaning part is done, you can look forward to start packing. Good packing holds a lot of importance in moving. You must collect all the important supplies for the packing job. This ensures the safe moving of your precious items. Start by taking off pillows & cushions from patio furniture. Set them to the side. Take apart the easily moveable ones and pack them separately.

Warp the pieces of furniture in moving pads and make sure all the sides are protected. When they are securely wrapped, place the tape rightly. Do the same for all parts of furniture to avoid damage. Check the carton if it is moisture-free inside before placing the pillow and cushions there. Label the carton with a sticker or an identifying sign so that you don’t get confused when you reopen it at your new home.



Disassemble some of your outdoor furniture before you move. It is only to make things safer and more accessible. All your furniture can not be disassembled. For example- some of the garden furniture pieces are too tricky to pack and move. Those should be dismantled first to prevent damage. Take off the fragile parts of furniture that are removable. Warp them in protective packing materials such as warp bubbles.

Keep small things separate!


Keep the tiny elements in separate plastic so that they get found on time. Label them with written words for your convenience. For those that cannot be dismantled and packed separately, warp their legs and arms in blankets.

The most significant risk for patio and lawn furniture is either breakage or surface damage like scratch, scrapes, and dents. Therefore, it is so essential to apply proper packing techniques while packing outdoor furniture.

Load it Right


Finally, after packing, carry them to the moving vehicle and load them safely. Avoid stacking wicker furniture pieces inside the truck. Do it, especially when the distance is long. Furniture made of solid wood or metal can be heavy to lift. It is better to have a helper during loading things rightly in the moving truck. Follow the proper lifting techniques to prevent injury.

Some More


You are to remove grates, trays, and the minor components from the grill and cautiously cover those in packing paper. Now set them in moving boxes. Don’t forget to remove the propane tank from the grill. Talk to the moving company you hired.

They are liable for the safe packing and moving of your commodities. Ask them if they can transport the tank to a moving van. There is a chance that you shall need to carry the tank yourself or just leave it behind.

Nonetheless, you can buy a new tank on arriving at the new place. Generally, professional movers do not move things that are flammable or combustible. For secure, safe moving, you can cover the grill in moving blankets and apply Sellotape on it. Even unpacking the items is of equal importance and must be handled with care.


So, this is a brief discussion on what to do with your outdoor items when you plan to move. Here we tried to explain what the precautions you should follow are. If you are all set to relocate, you might find the mentioned tips helpful. Let us know if you find the article informative and worth reading. If yes, then our purpose of writing would be fulfilled. Wish you a happy and safe move!

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