Wedding Hats and Wedding Hat Etiquettes: All That You Need to Know

Weddings are occasions where everyone wants to look their best. Though the bride and the groom take center stage, the excitement of the near and dear ones is noticed from the day the date of the auspicious event gets announced. There are so many things to do, like selecting the venue, buying the wedding rings, sending invites to the guests, and choosing the wedding dress. Among all the chores, picking the right outfit for the occasion will top the list. Be it for the bride, the bridesmaids, the groom, or the best man – looking good and presentable is of prime importance.

So, to complement the attire, often, people choose hats to adorn their crowns. Choosing an appropriate headpiece for an occasion like a wedding can be sometimes challenging. This article will give you an insight into the different hat styles you can try out with your wedding dress. And if you happen to be a guest, do read on as we have also discussed some styles which will serve your purpose as well.

1. The Sinamay Hats


Sinamay is a stiff material made of abaca fibers. It is frequently used to give bridal hats a unique style. They look great with almost any outfit, but they’re especially suitable for outdoor weddings.

2. The Fascinator


Women used to dress up their hair with pearls, feathers, ribbons, and whatever else they fancied. In recent years, fascinators have been a popular choice for women to adorn their heads with at weddings. It is usually a huge ornament on a hair clip or hair band, normally made out of ribbons, feathers, pearls, bows, and other embellishments. Fascinators do not cover the entire head.

A fascinator is an ideal alternative for a bride. This headpiece will not only make you feel and look like a princess, but it will also bring a personal touch to your special day. If a bride wants to wear a hat at the wedding, fascinators are a must-have. And even if you are a guest or a bridesmaid, you too can add a fascinator to your look. They appear good on every woman.

3. The Pillbox


The pillbox hat first gained popularity in the 1960s, and since then, it has been worn by royalty and the general public as well. It is distinguished by its lack of brim, a flat crown, and upright sides.

Pillbox hats are available in a variety of styles. You may wear a textured pillbox hat or a conventional pillbox hat if you want to keep things simple. For a winter wedding, pillbox hats in fur and artificial fur will be an ideal choice. There are also various variations, such as a pillbox with a bow or embellishments.

4. The Cocktail


Women were expected to wear midday hats in the 1930s due to the prevalent hat etiquette. However, the everyday caps were a total mismatch with the cocktail costumes. Mr. John and Elsa Schiaparelli presented a new headgear that went well with party gowns. In the 1950s, cocktail hats reach their height of popularity. These hats are smaller than ordinary hats, but they are still hats! Even if the size and shape of party hats have not changed in recent years, ladies are no longer limited to wearing them just in the late afternoon.

The majority of the cocktail hats include dramatic accessories such as feathers, decorative flowers, or fancy laces or ribbons. The cocktail hat is an excellent choice for wearing during a wedding ceremony since it works as a hat while also looking great on your head.

Now that you are aware of so many hat types that you can wear unhesitatingly to a wedding, you can get them from any reputable American hats maker. Tell them of your preference, and surely, they will see to it that all your wishes have been fulfilled.

Wedding Hat Etiquettes

Some of the etiquettes that people like to follow are discussed as follows.

  • Respecting the tradition


If you want to add feathers or flowers to your hat, make sure to follow tradition. Women traditionally embellish and adorn the right side of a hat, whereas males embellish the left. Keep this in mind while decorating hatbands, wedding headpieces, and other accessories.

  • Complementing the style

Whatever you wear to a wedding, see to it that your hat matches your outfit flawlessly. Balance it with your stature and body form, in addition to your dress.

Avoid wearing tall hats if you’re tall. Instead, opt for a wide-brimmed hat to strike the ideal balance. Choose a smaller hat if you have a shorter height. Do not let the hat wear you instead of you wearing the hat!

When it comes to fashion, you’ll want to learn how to style a wedding hat with shorter hair. Fascinators that adhere to the hair with a hair band are frequently the finest headwear for short hair. Wide-brimmed hats also pair well with short hair. The trick is to avoid going overboard.

Fedoras are very trendy, particularly for summer weddings, although they don’t go with every look. Straw fedoras, for example, don’t fit well with formal wear, so you might want to consider a felt one instead.

  • Sometimes less is more


Pick a smaller or simpler headgear than the bride’s mother if you happen to be the mother of the groom. It is a broad rule of thumb that applies to all events, not just weddings. It derives from the idea that no one should outshine or outdo their hosts during an occasion.

  • About wearing hats indoors

You can keep your hat on during the ceremony if you are of the fairer sex. Nobody will mind if you keep it on when you get inside, not even inside the church. It’s so because your hat is thought to be an integral part of your complete ensemble.

Men, on the other hand, need to remove their hats while entering a building, particularly a church. Gentlemen are expected to remove their headwear even while snapping pictures at the reception site.


Now that you are aware of the popular wedding hats and the simple rules to be kept in mind while donning them, you are all set to pick the style that will look stunning on you.

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