12 Ways to Be More Creative in 2024

What’s your new year’s resolutions for 2024? Do you want to explore your creativity more? If so, we’ve got plenty of ways you can make sure you achieve your goals.

The brain thrives on creativity. We can all live happier lives if we choose to innovate various aspects of our lives. Whether it’s starting a new hobby at home or striving to come up with big ideas at work, we all have the potential to be creative people. You’ve just got to know how to tap into it.

Here’s 12 easy things you can do in your daily life to unleash creativity and maximize your artistry and self-expression.

1. Start a Beginner’s Hobby


Creativity comes when you find your number 1 passion. So don’t be afraid to try out various hobbies. It’s the only way you can find the things you love doing, or just what you’re good at! Even the best artists start as novice beginners.

For example, if you want to try out painting, why not start with a paint by numbers kit from this website? That way you can learn the very basics of colors, brushstrokes, and composition before diving straight in at the deep end with a blank white page. It’s all about enjoying what you feel most comfortable with at first.

2. Keep Taking Lots of Photos

Life is full of wondrous creativity. You’ve just got to look at things with the right perspective. Taking photos of random things, people, places, and moments will help you tap into your creative mind, allowing you to stop and think about things in ways you might not have if you simply passed them by.

3. Minimize Your Phone Use


Social media can be a huge detriment to your creativity. It’s all too easy to fall down an endless scrolling rabbit hole. That’s why you should be conscious of your phone use and try to minimize your screen time as much as possible. You’re more likely to procrastinate if your phone is constantly at arm’s reach to distract you.

4. Be a Yes Person

Living creatively requires you to live fearlessly. Don’t be scared of making mistakes! You’ll learn from these mistakes when you muster up the energy to try again. Fear will only hold you back in the long run. Your creativity will flourish when you let go of your biggest fears and inhibitions. Just make sure you try harder the second time around.

One of the best ways to live fearlessly is to be a yes person! Say yes to everything you believe can make you a better, happier, and more successful person. You’ll never know what path is right for you if you stick to just 1 that you’re most comfortable with. Remember, every day is a good day to grow as a person and try something new, be it a pottery class, singing, hiking, or anything else.

5. Keep Coming Up With New Ideas


Coming up with new, exciting ideas is a big part of being creative. But the ideation process can be tough. Somedays you might have a million different ideas running through your mind, but others you’ll have zilch.

That’s why you need to remember that no idea is a bad idea. Bad ideas are simply stepping stones leading you towards the grand light bulb moment. So keep writing down any new ideas you have, no matter whether you think they’re good or not.

6. Get Outside More

The great outdoors is conducive to being creative. There’s no feeling more freeing than going for a walk after you’ve hit a creative wall. When you’ve run out of ideas, give your mind the space and the time to relax and reboot. Being amongst nature is wonderful for leaving your creative woes behind and starting again with new inspirations.

7. Practice Mindfulness


Starting your day with a little mental stimulation or mindfulness will lead to a positive, more creative day. Introducing meditation or yoga to your morning routine can work wonders for getting you out of bed on the right side every day. Your brain is the mother of all your creative thoughts and ideas, so you must look after it!

8. Listen To Something Inspiring

Being creative should never feel like a chore. Make sure your creative time in the office or at home is an enjoyable experience, that way you’ll be inclined to do it more often.

Listening to music or a podcast can make the whole creative process more fun. Whether it’s an inspirational podcast from your favorite artists or simply a piece of music you find motivating, give it a try. Never turn creativity into a mind-numbingly boring experience.

9. Clean Up Your Personal Environment


Another way of making sure you enjoy creativity is cleaning up your personal workspace. You need to feel inspired by your environment, not restricted. So optimize your workspace to your liking, whether it’s clearing your desk from clutter, hanging posters on the wall, adding calming lighting, or moving your space to a brighter room with bigger windows. It’s all down to personal preference.

10. Surround Yourself With Diverse Creatives

Many of us are most inspired by the people around us. If that’s you, be sure to surround yourself with a diverse crowd of like-minded creatives with different backgrounds and experiences. You never know who might be your next collaborator!

11. Stay Optimistic


Sure, emotion has a big influence on our creativity and some of the greatest poets, painters, and artists created their best work during their lowest, darkest moments. But it’s still important you stay optimistic with your work. It’s all about conserving your energy for your artistry.

12. Challenge Yourself

When your confidence has hit a low and your passion has deflated, try to look for inspiration in places you’ve not looked before. It’s easy to stagnate your creative thoughts and ideas when negativity takes hold of your personal life, and that’s when it’s time to challenge yourself.

Never stop pushing your skills and your passions in new directions. You never know what other talents you have lurking in your back closet. So be open-minded and put some time aside to question what you already think you know.

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