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5 Best Upcoming PC MMORPG & MMO Games To Play in 2024

What is the best thing to do to relax no matter how old you are? Well, playing games, of course. Many people choose this type of relaxation because they can forget about the stress that comes with work, family or any other type of issues they have. Experts say that PC games are a great way to deal with stress and anxiety and that they can even help you with your temper. In the latest years, more and more people started playing PC MMORPG and MMO games and there is a big reason why that is happening.

It is said that these games help you boost your memory, imagination, and eye to hand coordination. However, if you are new in the gaming world, then you must be confused. There are so many different games available on the market and you’ve probably heard about some of them.

No matter if you are an experienced gamer, or if you just started looking for the best game for you, we are going to help you! Here you can learn more about the best upcoming PC MMORPG and MMO games that you can play this year.

Most of these games can be played by everyone, however, some of them are made only for the veterans of the gaming world. It would be best if you could read the guide of the game before you start playing it, so you know if it’s something you’d be interested in. Plus, the guides usually offer some neat tricks that you will definitely use while playing.

  1. Rift

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It is said that this game is one of the classic ones. If you are interested in playing something with many people then you should choose it.

One of the best things about it is that it gets better every year. And it is almost free. When most of the games are too expensive, this base game with the expansions is free for people to download and play it. If you want to play it, you should know that there are raids, quests, and threats that will be presented to you and the other players and you will have to figure your way around them.

  1. Blade & Soul

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If you are interested in fights and martial arts, then you will love this one! There are so many battles and the graphics are amazing! The users rate the animations as complex and very well compiled.

Did you know that this MMO game first came out in Asia, but it was not available in Europe and North America? Users were so interested in it, that they signed a petition to try and get the publisher to release it on these continents.

Before starting it, make sure you check out the guide, because there are so many cool tips and tricks, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on them.

  1. World of Warcraft

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This is probably the most talked-about game ever. People love it and some of you may even remember playing it. It first launched about 15 years ago and the new players were probably still toddlers when the veterans spent hours and hours playing it. One of the most interesting expansions is WoW Shadowlands and it will bring you back to the classic adventure with so many new features.

However, players and experts both recommend you to check out the guide before playing it because it is a complex game. suggests getting a Shadowlands boost as well as the WoW Shadowlands carry, so you can enjoy the full experience of WoW.

  1. Life is Feudal: MMO

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This is not something that is recommended for newer players. You start this game by having nothing and you have to work your way to creating villages with some rudimental tools and then you work your way up to creating something that’s battle-worthy.

Players say that it is a really fun, but demanding game. You need to focus and use your resources to your advantage. It is also said that the progress is slow unless you reach out to guilds. We recommend this game for veteran players who know what they need to do and that will be up for the challenge. If you are a new player, maybe it is better to start with something else from this list.

  1. Revelation Online

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A fun game where you have an open world to explore. You can create your character any way you want and the details of the game are what users love the most. No matter if you are into games that offer one on one combat, or If you are more interested in quests, Revelation Online offers that for you.

Another thing that is really popular amongst players is that you can reset your character any time you want, and that is all available for free. So, if you’ve played too many hours before realizing that you’d rather use a different character, you don’t have to lose your progress. Just change it and you can continue with your quest.

And there is another great news for players who like the MOBA genre. There is an update on Revelation Online Mythical Combat and you can play it as a different game. It is said that this update was inspired by League of Legends and Dota 2.

Do you have a favorite game that you play over and over? What is the first game you’d recommend to someone who just entered the gaming world? Finding the right one for you can be a bit of a tricky thing since there are so many different games available on the market. However, when you start playing something new, you will know right away if you like it or not.

The great thing about games nowadays is that they come with some amazing stories, so you can get lost in the new world as you explore it and have fun with it. To be safe and to stay healthy, make sure you take breaks every 30 minutes of gaming, get up, stretch and let your eyes rest. Healthcare professionals say that if you notice that your eyes are dry and itchy, you need to give them some rest.

Now you can enjoy your new favorite PC MMORPG and MMO and you can forget about anything that is troubling you for at least an hour. Have fun!

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