6 Overlooked and Underrated TV Shows to Stream in 2024

Binge-watching is the new trend in this world of busy schedules and packed-up day-to-day life. On weekends, the cozy bed and the laptop are the true friends you want to spend your time with.

While everyone is talking about how amazing the popular TV shows are, why don’t you spend your precious weekends watching something that is not overrated and worth watching?

Amidst the crowd of top-rated television shows that do not turn out to be so good often, there are ones with better plots and characters and are more worth watching. But the problem lies in their ratings; people often overlook them because they are underrated. You will come across many such people who would give you a long list of underrated shows that could have been on the top list.

All The Buzz About Popular TV Shows These Days

All the craze behind the top-rated television has made for a wild time. This year in streaming in the US is truly commendable. From ‘The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power (Season 1) to shows like ‘Becoming Elizabeth,’ ‘The Handmaid’s Tale (Season 5)’, ‘Bridgerton’ (Season 2), and ‘Stranger Things (Season 4), all of these series have been in the spotlight for a long time now. While some were worth watching, many disappointed their fans because they expected a little more from the new seasons.

Going with the crowd is easy, but when it comes to television shows, being picky is sometimes the best decision. People watch shows for the sake of entertainment, and only a few of them expect something more. Whether it is the underlying meaning, the aesthetics, some literary contexts, scientific concepts, or, more precisely, only a few people love to watch shows that are ‘out of the box.

Mostly, underrated shows turn out to be surprisingly well and leave us to wonder why they are not being praised. If you wish to binge-watch such underrated TV shows streaming now that will leave a long-lasting impression, there are many to choose from.

6 Amazing TV Shows Streaming In 2024 You Must Have Missed

If you are done with all those overrated shows and wondering what to watch next, here are some of the best choices.

1. Tokyo Vice

An engaging American television series that perfectly explores the crime drama genre, ‘Tokyo Vice’ is for lovers of thrill and suspense. First appearing in HBO Max on April 7th and now streaming in Amazon Prime Video, ‘Tokyo Vice’ follows the story of an American journalist, the dashing character of Jake Adelstein, who becomes the only non-Japanese crime reporter to get attached to Tokyo police.

What makes ‘Tokyo Vice’ most interesting is that it is the memoir of the author Jake Adelstein who brings out his experiences of working as a crime reporter in Japan and becoming the top reporter on the most prominent newspaper of Japan. The series is based on the 2009 book that the author published. Jake’s character is played by the handsome ‘The Fault In Our Stars (2014) actor Ansel Elgort.

2. Yellowjackets

A television show that could have earned more recognition but has a fantastic plot to share, ‘Yellowjackets’ is a conglomeration of coming-of-age drama, psychological horror, and survival epic.

The series is packed-up with suspense, mystery, horror, survival, and whatnot. It is total entertainment, and the viewers must go through a whirlwind of emotions while watching it.

Focusing on the story of high school girls who are soccer players, the team encounters a horrific plane crash, and the surviving members wake up in the wilderness of Ontario. Devastated, timid, and injured, the team of high school girls would do anything to survive and return home.

3. Pachinko

If you are interested in Korean pop, culture, dramas, and history, then ‘Pachinko‘ is a masterpiece portraying the brutal times when people left their homes to survive. A sweeping saga adapted from a New York Times bestselling novel, ‘Pachinko’ is about challenges, dreams and hopes, family, and immigration.

Leaving the homeland is difficult; the pain and the emotions are hard to describe. Set in South Korea during the early 20th century, the plot revolves around the strict Japanese rule and the sufferings of Koreans under the domination. In such a pessimistic scenario, the only hope is love.

4. The Bear

If you are willing to enjoy this weekend the most, then what can be better than a comedy-drama? An American TV series that first premiered on Hulu in June 2024, ‘The Bear’ is an excellent representation of a young chef who returns home to Chicago with a determination to take his family’s sandwich shop to prominence. Responsibilities fall upon the shoulder of Carmen Berzzato, the superstar chef, after his elder brother’s suicide. With all the debts and the most unruly staff, he is now responsible for using his fine dining skills to run a worn-down family business.

5. Severance

For lovers of psychological thrillers, ‘Severance’ also has a tinge of science fiction. Better termed a corporate satire that features an experiment by a biotechnological company that successfully divides their employees’ work and non-work memories. The experiment is named ‘Severance,’ and the plot features Mark Scout, an employee, who is lost in his grief after losing his beloved wife and wants to try out the experiment.

Surgically dividing memories is a weird idea; you can imagine how unique the whole series will be.

6. Slow Horses

Another thriller, rather a spy thriller that must have been on the top-rated list, ‘Slow Horses’ features the story of M15 agents who are dysfunctional, better known as the ‘dumping ground’ of British intelligence. With a miserable boss and a messed-up team, will they be able to resolve mysteries and fight crimes? ‘Slow Horses’ explores the dark side of British life and the crimes surrounding them most engagingly.

Final Words

With an enriched list of television shows, you can enjoy the weekend with a big bowl of popcorn. These underrated shows can prove you wrong about their first impression and make you wonder why you had not watched them before. From thrillers to comedy-drama, your watching list will be much better this time.

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