Best Tropical Vacation in Aruba for All the Nature Lovers

Nature lovers are always in the pursuit of finding beautiful locations where they can fulfil their dreams. There is no therapy that is better than nature. It is imperative to disconnect from city life, where you can only see the concrete jungles. Nature lovers crave destinations that have lush green beauty and are full of flora and fauna.

Escaping in nature is what you must do from time to time, or else you might get lost in the mundane life. Aruba is the best location for a tropical vacation as there are incredibly breath-taking landscapes. The beautiful nature of Aruba is just marvelous and a sight that you have never seen before. You will forget the world once you will step into Aruba, as it is truly a paradise in its all sense. Take a step inside the natural bliss that Aruba has the best beaches and rugged landscapes.

It doesn’t matter where all you have travelled to, as the beauty of Aruba is just unimaginable. The one happy island is perfect for nature lovers. There is a broadside to the island, but a blissful side will make you fall in love with Aruba. There are some spectacular destinations that you must visit in Aruba if you love nature. Before you step out to explore the natural wonders of Aruba, make sure that you have got yourself covered in plenty of sunscreens for great fun in the Aruban sun.

Aruba is just the Caribbean paradise that you have seen in pictures or movies. Being a part of the ABC islands, Aruba is blessed with the highest number of sunny days, making it perfect for nature expeditions. Chill out in Aruba and visit some of the best destinations for a tropical vacation in Aruba.

1. Arikok National Park


A must-visit for all nature lovers is the Arikok National Park which covers over 18% of the island’s area. This national park is just made for those who want to explore the caves and other natural attractions.

2. National Archaeological Museum of Aruba


If you are keen on exploring the island’s rich culture and heritage, you must visit the National Archaeological Museum of Aruba. There are many artifacts that you can see, and you will get to know a lot about the nature & culture of Aruba.

3. Bubali Bird Sanctuary


For those who love watching birds and want to see exotic birds, then Bubali Bird Sanctuary is where you will get to see over 80 types of birds. There are different bird watching points that you will love spending time with nature and exotic birds.

4. Eagle Beach


For all the nature and beach lovers, Eagle Beach is a must-visit. This beach also ranks to be the third most beautiful beach in the world. There are also many Aruba studio and other vacation rentals which you can find nearby. Don’t miss out on going to this beach where you will find the tranquility that you are looking for in the Caribbean.

5. Ayo & Casibari Rock Formations


Rugged terrains of Aruba are waiting for you at Ayo & Casibari Rock Formations. There are many scenic points where you will get to see scenic views of Aruba. You can get to see unique ancient paintings that will tell you about the history of the island.

6. SS Antilla Wreck


Scuba diving enthusiasts must explore the SS Antilla Wreck. It is also the top wreck diving destination amongst the Caribbean islands. SS Antilla Wreck is the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean, and you will just love exploring it and the coral reefs. Make sure to try out diving in Aruba if you are a nature lover.

7. Cave Pool


The cave pool is located at a very secluded location of Aruba, but it is a must visit for all the nature lovers because it is just a spectacular destination. You can also try out cliff jumping when you visit the cave pool, and it is surely an experience that you will always remember.

8. Rocky Terrains of Aruba


Besides the beauty of the beaches, the rugged terrains of Aruba are also a breath-taking sight that you must not miss out on. You can book an ATV/UTV/Jeep tour or rental to explore the various sightseeing places on the island’s rocky terrains.

9. Hadicurari Beach


The Hadicurari Beach is quite a windy beach where you can get to learn surfing. It doesn’t matter if you have never tried surfing as Hadicurari Beach has the best conditions to learn surfing. If you are a nature lover, you will surely love exploring this exotic beach.

10. Hooiberg


Many tourists love this natural attraction of Hooiberg. You will love to explore these beautiful natural attractions. In the ordinary language, Hooiberg is known as the Haystack Mountain. It is a volcanic mountain where you can get attractive and breath-taking views of Aruba.

11. Blackstone Beach


Being a landmark destination of Aruba, it is a must-visit to go to Blackstone Beach as it is one of a kind. Be prepared to spend a great time with your friends and family at the black stone beach of the Caribbean. This is quite a secluded beach if you want to spend some quiet time.

12. Sunset in Aruba


The sunsets of Aruba are just a treat to see that you must experience when you are in Aruba, and you should never miss the sight of the it. Make sure you stay at the studio rentals in Aruba that has a sunset view, and you can find them easily at There are many Aruba studio rentals from where you can get breath-taking views of Aruba and the sunsets that you will see are just pristine. There is nothing better than getting lost in the beauty of the sunset along with the beach for lovers of the sea where you can enjoy and have a great time.

13. Renaissance Island


The Renaissance Island is a private island, but it is quite famous amongst the tourists. You can enjoy with your friends and family at the private beach on this island and make the most of your island vacation. There are many attractions on this island that you will love exploring.

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