6 DIY Tips for Tree Removal and Cutting

Nature is something we need to preserve. There is nothing more beautiful on a hot summer day than to look for shade under the canopy of an old oak tree. It is a freshness that cannot be compared to any fan and sunshade. The chirping of birds and the swaying of leaves in the wind awaken old childhood memories, awaken the memory of a swing that was hung just below this tree. But what if the tree is now so old and rotten that there is a danger it will collapse and injure someone? Or will it fall on a house, car, or other property?

How can you remove and cut the tree?

  • If the tree is not too thick, it might be possible to cut it with an ax. Pay attention to the position you took. You should calculate on what side the tree will fall. Keep in mind that the part of the tree that remains uncut will not look very nice and will require some extra work as digging the roots with a shovel.
  • It may sound pointless, but Swedes have a special tactic on how to do it, but we advise you not to try! They claim that a couple of shots from a shotgun in the right place can knock down a tree. As you can see, for this you need additional skills such as precision and dexterity in handling weapons. But you also need the “tool” itself. Therefore, we better forget about this option.
  • Although the following method is not very humane, it is sometimes unavoidable to apply if the wood is right next to an object and there is no chance of it being removed in any other way. It is a treatment with chemicals that will accelerate the process of decay and rot of wood. But, before you start with it, the composition of the soil must be tested to know if the chemicals need to water the root of the tree or treat the part above the ground. This method is very dangerous, especially if you have children because herbicides must be applied around or on the tree, and it’s also dangerous because those same herbicides can get through the soil to your vegetables if you have a garden.
  • One of the best and easiest options is to call professionals to do their job. Make yourself a coffee and spare yourself the hard and dangerous work. We are sure companies like will do it with no mistake. Your only task is to make a call and the rest of the work is on them. Do not think about things like what to do with timber after removal, such companies have an elaborate job and plan, leaving nothing behind.

After they finish, you can make a flower pot from the part of the tree that remained in the ground. In case the tree is uprooted, they also offer the service of planting, but also tree trimming. This full service will make your backyard oasis you will enjoy with your family and guests. On your call, experts will even come to you to estimate what is the best solution for your yard, or to remove tree limbs to make yard more comfortable place for enjoying.   In addition to trimming service, many companies also offer a service of residential and commercial tree pruning and cabling.

  • If you want to do it yourself anyway, you have to count on a couple of things. First of all, get protective gear. Have in mind it is a very dangerous job. Pay attention to the surrounding, if there is a road, electricity wires, or private property you could damage while removing the tree. As we mentioned in No 1, check the direction of the felling. How can you do it? Step aside to see the whole tree. Pay attention to whether it is tilted to one side, how the branches look like and what their way of growth is. After you have made an assessment, spread everything around the tree, remove vegetation that might bother you when felling trees. After you did it, you can mark the tree on the place you want to cut, after which you can decide what technique you will use. Pay attention if the tree is rotten or not. If it is, you need to make a larger breaking belt to remove it safely. Extracting wood from the roots is a painstaking and difficult job that will require assistance, but also additional tools and even machines. Stumps can be removed by special machines as stump extraction winches and shredders. It is possible to find it in garden centers, but we doubt it’s a good investment considering you need it now and who knows if ever again. Another option is to tie the chains to a tractor or other vehicle strong enough and start the engine until it uproots the wood.
  • One more, but not a very popular option is the so-called woodpecker method. It is performed by drilling a hole of approximately 10 cm on the tree with a drill and then pouring herbicides into it. Herbicides will affect the accelerated drying of the wood, so it will be easier to knock it down.

Sometimes we do not see the problem in a tree but in roots. Sometimes the root knows to spread all over the yard, raising paved paths and even the foundations of houses. Cracked concrete may be easily re-concreted, but this is only a temporary solution.

Although no way of felling trees is considered humane, qualified companies will do it in the best way. Also, if the wood has not rotted, it is possible to use it for further processing by making it at least shelves useful for your shed or to light a fire around which you will enjoy with your company with song and guitar.

Either option you choose, we hope you will enjoy your backyard afterward!

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