Answers to Six Common Questions about Toner Cartridges

Laser printers have become very popular today because they are fast, accurate, and increasingly becoming affordable. However, many people looking forward to buying laser toners usually have a number of questions about toner cartridges. In this post, we will answer these common questions to help you understand the toner cartridges, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Are All Laser Toner Cartridges the Same?


This question arises from the fact that all toner cartridges are designed to do one task, printing. However, the laser toners in the market are very diverse. If you simply click “toner cartridges” on Google and hit search, it will give you hundreds of options.

Like car engines, the toner cartridges differ because they are made by different companies. Because the research and development units have different goals and objectives, the design of toner cartridges from one company differs from the others. Other factors that make laser toner cartridges out there to differ include efforts to simplify installation and enhance the printing efficiency.

Because of the fast-growing demand for toner cartridges, new companies that do not want to reinvent the wheel follow what others have done but tweak different aspects to avoid copyright violations, resulting in variations. Since the toner cartridges are different, it is very important to ensure that you only buy what is compatible with your printer.

How Long Should I Expect My Toner Cartridge to Last?

The life of a toner cartridge is measured in terms of page yield. Note that this page yield is given using two numbers. The first is the actual pages that you can print with the cartridge. The second number refers to the percentage, which is the ratio printed on. Take the example of a toner cartridge with the following page yield information, “35,000 pages 5%.” Is implies that the cartridge will make a mean of 3500 quality pages that have texts covering five percent of each.

The impressive thing about toner cartridges is that they are filled with powder and will not get damaged if you do not use it for some time. Also, the toner cartridge does not suffer from the clogged head problems, which are common with most inkjets cartridges.

What is the Best Replacement Toner Cartridge?


If you are looking for a replacement toner cartridge, the best option is going for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges. You are assured of high-quality prints, but they also have high price tags compared to other types of catalogs.

The next alternative is a compatible toner cartridge, which uses the same technology employed by the OEM cartridges. However, these compatible toner cartridges are sold at lower prices. The main reason why compatible toner cartridge manufacturers are able to sell at lower prices is that they mainly focus on cartridges, and are not looking forward to recovering money for designing other devices, such as printers.

If you want to spend a smaller amount of money on the replacement toner cartridge, consider going for remanufactured models. To make these cartridges, remanufacturers collect the already used ones and change the damaged parts before refilling them. The quality you get from remanufactured toner cartridges is high but slightly less than that from OEM and compatible toner cartridges.

The last option is refilling the already used toner cartridge. This implies that you order a refill kit, which comes with all the accessories, including toner and instructions, which you need to refill the cartridge correctly. If you want to earn a bit of money from your toner cartridges, then check out SellToner to learn more.

Is Laser Toner Cartridge Better than Inkjet Cartridge?


When comparing the difference between inkjet and toner cartridges, there is no direct winner because each comes with its own unique advantages. For example, inkjets have a pretty simple operational design and are awesome, especially when you need to print images or photos. However, toner cartridges have higher yields, print faster, and are very effective, especially when printing texts.

Because of the unique benefits of each, many people prefer to invest in both so that they can make rapid printouts using toner cartridges but turn to inkjets for printing images.

Can I Get a Good Laser Toner Cartridge Online?

Today, many people prefer buying their merchandise online because the method is cheaper, and they do not need to leave their homes. However, the growing list of people who come forward to complain about poor quality toner cartridges have made buyers start wondering, “How can one identify a good seller online?”

As the demand for laser toner cartridges keeps growing, some traders entering the market are only interested in profits as opposed to quality. This is why you should always vet the selected seller well to ensure he is the right one to deal with. Here are some strategies to help you identify good laser toner cartridge sellers.

  • Look for a seller who has been in the business for some time, preferably a couple of years.
  • The best seller should also have a string of positive feedback from previous clients. If some customers were dissatisfied with the service or toner cartridges, the chances are that you will also be disappointed.
  • A good dealer should have a wide collection of toner cartridges, including OEM toner cartridges, remanufactured toner cartridges, and compatible models so that you can select the preferred model.

How Do I clean the Toner Cartridge Correctly?

To keep your toner cartridge well, it is important to keep it and your printer clean. So, how do you go about cleaning the toner cartridge?

  • Before starting the cleanup process, the first step is turning off the printer and allowing lit to cool down. This is very important to avoid buying your hands from the hot parts. Consider turning the printer off and waiting for about 30-60 minutes.
  • Put on gloves on your hands and mask on the face for additional protection because the toner contains harmful chemicals. Then, open the printer and uninstall the toner cartridge and the drum assembly. Take care not to touch the drum unit to avoid impacting the charge balance and affecting the print quality.
  • Using a toner cartridge cloth, wipe the toner cartridge carefully to clear all the spilled toner on the surface. To clear dirt and toner on the hard to reach areas, use a toner vacuum. Make sure to avoid touching the delicate contacts on the toner because they can easily get scratched.
  • To clean the corona wire and paper feed roller, says that you use cotton swabs. Ensure not to put pressure on the corona wire because it can break down easily.
  • Once you are through cleaning the toner cartridge, return it and the drum assembly to the printer, turn it on, and let stand for a couple of minutes. Before starting to print your office documents, make sure to print a test page.

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