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Tom Hardy Net Worth 2021 – The British Superstar

Today, Tom Hardy is one of the most prominent actors in the world. He started with small movies of British production and now he is the superstar in Hollywood. His schedule is very busy, but that doesn’t mean that he can`t make some space to star in some smaller movies such as “Bronson” directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, and tv shows from his home country like “Taboo” and “Peaky Blinders”.

Tom Hardy

He said several times that he considers Gary Oldman as his personal hero and the best actor ever. He collaborated with him on several occasions, and we can say that his dream came true because of these collaborations. He has some exceptional roles, with his recognizable style of acting and passion. We will give you an insight into Tom Hardy`s biography and his net worth. Buckle up and let`s go.

Young Tom Hardy

Personal Life

Tom Hardy was born as Edward Thomas in 1977, in neighbor Hammersmith in London. He is the only son of Edward John Hardy, a screenwriter, and novelist, and Elizabeth Ann Hardy, an artist. Tom`s education started in Reed`s school and Tower House School. He dropped out of college in order to pursue a career in the film industry.

His acting skills were acquired from the Drama Centre in London and Richmond Drama School. In 1998, he won in “The Big Breakfast`s Find Me a Supermodel” competition. In 1999, he married to Sarah Ward, the marriage was dissolved in 2004, because of his overcoming addictions.

Hardy openly talked about his problems with drugs and alcohol, and that this was the reason his marriage failed. He was in rehabilitation and today, he is clean and sober. With Rachael Speed, he has one son. However, he was never married to Rachael. In 2008, he met Charlotte Riley on the set of “Wuthering Heights”. They are together ever since.

Tom Hardy with wife


Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy had his big debut on the Spielberg`s WWII mini-series “Band of Brothers”. Shortly after, he debuted on the big screen in “Black Hawk Down”, which was criticized by the viewers and critics equally. By appearing in “Star Trek: Nemesis”, “dot the I”, and “Simon: An English Legionnaire” he gained more recognition around the world.

His breakthrough movie was certainly “Bronson”. He gained 20 kg for that character, and the result was exceptional, as the whole movie was. His career grew further by him appearing in “Inception” and “The Long Red Road”. Next year, his dream has come true in “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” where he starred alongside John Hurt, Mark Strong, Toby Jones, David Dencik, and Gary Oldman, his hero and role model.

Net Worth

Tom Hardy earned his wealth by appearing in various movies and tv shows. His iconic roles are something that is going to be remembered for generations. Also, he was awarded several awards and nominations. As of 2021, he appeared in over 50 movies and tv shows and that is a number that earned him respect from anyone in the film industry. His net worth is estimated at $30 million.

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