Exciting Things To do in Miami for Adrenaline Seekers

If you’re an adrenaline junkie Miami would be the perfect spot to spend your vacation. Anywhere you look you’ll find excitement, either by air, land, or sea. Miami is the city that never sleeps which makes it an ideal destination for all the thrill-seekers. Let’s look at some of the thrilling attractions in the city.

Homestead Miami Speedway


Miami used to be plagued with an illegal street racing with its straight and wide boulevards for years, if not decades. Law enforcement was struggling with people seeking thrill in all the wrong places, among regular drivers on public streets. Homestead Miami Speedway offered to be part of the solution by opening a racetrack that once used to be the NASCAR’s circuit, for the public. Everyone over 18 with a valid driver’s license can try their driving skills and race against others down the specific streets of Miami. It’s perfectly legal and it will give you a thrill of a true street racing. If you prefer to watch from the sidelines and cheer on for your favorite, you can do that too.

Machine Gun Shooting


In the heart of Miami, you can find an adrenaline-pumping shooting range. But this is not your ordinary gun range, this is automatic guns shooting range. Shooting from an AK-47 or something along that line can be a heart-pumping experience. Gun-lovers for sure won’t pass this opportunity to try out their skills with the most sophisticated arms. Each person gets a guide to educate them a bit about the unique weapons, as well as helping them out with loading and shooting techniques. With a couple of dozens of lanes, everyone will get their turn to be trigger-happy without waiting in line. Rest assured; you will be in a controlled environment with all the safety rules in place.

Zip Lining


Ziplining will get you as close to flying as possible with the speeds reaching 60-100mph. You can find these kinds of thrills all around Miami as part of the many adventure parks. Usually, there are many different lines available that vary in height, up to 15ft, length, and the areas you’ll be flying above, namely through trees, or above the marsh. In any case, it will get your blood pumping hanging from a line at dizzying speeds. Some parks have wind tunnels available for some extra thrill with winds blowing around 150mph, in case a common zip line is not enough excitement for you.



Visiting Miami without going out on a speedboat would be a trip wasted. World-famous Miami beach is great if you want to relax a bit or take a breather, but if you’re looking for a little something to boost your adrenaline speedboats are the way to go. Get ready to jump the waves in a thrilling ride along the Miami coastline. For more information on the perfect adrenalin rush visit It’s suitable for everyone, from solo travelers to big parties. In case you’re up for a more relaxing type of vacation you can always rent one of the pontoons or yachts and enjoy the tranquilizing waters of the Biscayne Bay.



Want to get a bird’s eye view of Miami? Get ready to take the plunge in one of Miami’s skydiving centers. The thrill of freefall can hardly be compared to anything else. If you have the nerve, you’ll get around a minute of nosediving at the elevation of a couple of miles. A mounted camera will capture your every scream and smile, so make sure you put your best face forward. Virgin skydivers will have a guide and will jump as a tandem. You will be in the experienced hands of people who jumped probably hundreds of times, if not thousands, making sure that every safety protocol is fully honored. Ready, set, go!



One of the best snorkeling spots in the world is only an hour away from Miami, off the coast of Key West. You can choose to just take a swim in the crystal-clear waters or dive in for some of the most colorful marine life. There are guided tours available that will take you to the most perfect spots swimming packed with amazing sea life. Most places require reservations since the number of people on the boat is limited, so make sure to book in advance. You will also get all the gear needed, so don’t stress about forgetting something. You just need to dive into the big blue ocean and experience one of a kind adventure.

Helicopter Tours


In case skydiving is a bit too much adrenaline for you, take a helicopter tour. Your pilot will deliver a unique experience based on your plans and wishes to experience Miami skyline from a different perspective. Your guide will explain your flight path beforehand and prepare interesting facts about the city’s canals and famous mansions. This aerial adventure is also one of the most romantic ways if you want to pop the question to your better half. In case you’re not there yet just relax and enjoy the magnificent views of the Miami coast.



Once you go deeper into the marshes of Everglades you’ll get that far-from-civilization feeling, completely forgetting that you’re actually a few miles from Miami. Get ready to be surrounded by curious alligators and snakes. If this creeps you out – good! It will definitely get your blood pressure up when you see those staring looks of the Everglades’ wildlife. It’s closest to the Amazon-like adventure many of us will ever get.

As you can see, possibilities for an active vacation with a touch of thrill in Miami are endless. Some unique activities won’t necessarily get your adrenaline running but will pique your interest for sure, like the naked bar, the murals of Wynwood walls, check out the vibrant Cuban clubs, or simply stroll down the Hollywood beach. In any case, it won’t be hard to find excitement in such a vivacious city. You just need to pick the drill that suits you best and enjoy the ride.

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