8 Things You Didn’t Know About Water Shoes

You might be planning on traveling this summer, and if so, you are, perhaps, planning on engaging in different activities and sports. You have probably realized that you’ll need to purchase some equipment that you’ll require, however, there is one thing that people often overlook to purchase – protective water shoes.

However, if you never thought about wearing and buying them before, you might be wondering – are they beneficial and what do I know about them? Fortunately for all individuals that are asking themselves the same question, the article below could help. Let’s look at the list of 8 things you didn’t know about this interesting footwear:

1. They’re Capable of Protecting The Feet


One of the primary things that you need to learn about them is that they’ll snug your feet entirely, and in most situations, they’ll have thicker bottoms, which means that they could defend your feet from hotter surfaces such as stones and spiked things such as the seashells you’ll most likely come across while on the beach.

You could also purchase a model that comes with ‘toe shields’, something that’ll prevent you from stubbing your toes while you’re, for example, swimming through the sea/ocean/river where there are a lot of rocks. Besides this, they’ll also prevent any sand from entering, which means that you’ll be comfortable.

2. They Offer Support For Your Ankles

This footwear features a specific tread that will provide the optimal traction while stepping on slippery and wet surfaces such as decks, docks, surfboards, and other equipment that you might use. And, since they also feature rubber outsoles, they’ll provide you with a grip that is more suitable for wet areas.

Additionally, they will also support your ankles, however, this will rely on the model you opt for, which is the reason why you have to do some digging in order to determine what’s fitting for you. Luckily, there are various websites where you can find reviews of this footwear, hence, ensure that you read more about them before purchasing the first option that comes up in your search results.

3. They’re Completely Lightweight


If you’re planning on enjoying some sports, you should really feel like you have anchors hanging from your feet. Shoes that weren’t manufactured for liquid will often feel heavy when they get wet, which means that they’ll hinder you from moving easily and freely while you’re submerged.

On the contrary, these shoes could be worn either on arid and slippery areas, meaning that they won’t feel heavy, no matter where you’re located. Additionally, they could assist with moving the liquid to the sides when you walk on the ground, making them perfect for friction too.

4. They Can Drain Fast And Without Assistance

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, traditional footwear will quickly absorb and retain liquid, which means that they weren’t manufactured for wet surfaces. This is something that could easily cause blisters to form, your feet might experience pain, and this could cause trouble while you’re moving around.

But, if you choose to purchase these shoes, the fabrics used for manufacturing them will provide sufficient ventilation, which means that they’ll have several drainage points. Hence, the liquid will quickly drain from them, and by doing so, it’ll prevent blisters, pain, as well as unpleasant odors.

5. They’re Completely Comfortable


These shoes are completely flexible and since they’re made from mesh materials that allow ventilation, they’ll keep your feet cool, no matter what activities you participate in. Hence, when you’re in the river or ocean, the fabrics will drain it, meaning that you’ll feel comfier while submerged.

Also, a lot of people think that this footwear isn’t comfortable because it doesn’t look like traditional shoes, however, this is exactly why they’ll be fitting for you. Additionally, they’ll snug around your feet, which means that you won’t need to worry about losing one of them while swimming, snorkeling, or surfing.

6. They Keep The Feet Both Cool And Warm

We mentioned that this footwear will make your feet feel cool while you’re on the beach, however, there is another thing that they could assist you with – they’ll provide an improved level of insulation when you put them on, which means that your feet will also remain warm, even if the liquid you’re swimming in is cold.

This is a significant feature while your swimming in colder waters, especially since it’ll ensure that your body temperature is properly regulated when you’re submerged. This is something that’ll allow you to avoid any performance issues and it’ll also ensure that you’re safe while participating in different activities.

There is another thing worth noting though – if you aren’t planning on getting your feet wet for a really long time, you should think about purchasing a model that arrives with better heel cushioning. This is perfect if you’re planning on taking a boat out or if you’re planning on sailing since it’ll give you the support and assistance you need.

7. They’re Suitable For Various Water Activities


There are various activities that you could use this footwear for, including things like kayaking, sailing, canoeing, fishing, swimming, surfing, and fitness. But, besides some traditional activities, there are others that you could use them for, especially if the area is wet.

This means that you could further use them if you’re planning on hiking in a moist area if you’re planning on snorkeling in shallow water where you could easily touch the ground, and they’re also fitting for common games like volleyball or bouncing on water trampolines.

8. Kids Could Get Them Too!

If you’re planning on taking your kids to the sea, pool, or to a water park during spring or summer, you could also choose to buy these shoes for them as well! After all, this will ensure that they’re comfortable, but more importantly, they’ll ensure that your kid or kids don’t slip, fall, and injure themselves.

Remember, even if your kids don’t like to spend their time in the ocean, sea, or swimming pool, they’ll be beneficial for them, especially since it’ll allow them to easily and freely move around wet areas. The soles are made from rubber, hence, it’ll prevent them from sliding and injuring themselves.


There are various reasons why you may need to obtain water shoes if you’re planning on participating in some activities and sports during the summer. Besides guaranteeing that you’re comfortable, they’ll provide your ankles with support, and more importantly, they’ll save you from sliding, falling, and injuring yourself.

Hence, now that you have learned some of the things that you probably didn’t know about this footwear, you shouldn’t really waste any more of your time. Instead, you might want to start looking for a brick-and-mortar or online business that’ll provide you with the shoes that’ll suit your needs and preferences.

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