The Paradise Season 3 Review and Release Date 2023

This costume drama unlike other shows is a series based on a real-life story. The show takes us back in time when retail stores had just begun business. The story is a mixture of drama, romance, and heartbreaks.

A Peek Into The Storyline 


The show was set in 1875 and has a very rustic backdrop. The old English spoken by the characters along with the Victorian style of dressing has made the series stand out. The show is quite different in comparison to other modern TV shows. These elements have caught the eye of many viewers across the UK and USA. The storyline of the series has been adapted from the novel Au Bonheur De Dames by Emile Zola. The novel was published in 1183, it is based on Aristide Bocicaut’s story.

The show gives us a glimpse of how trade began in the 18 century and when we compare it with a modern-day business we truly find massive differences. The story revolves around the life of a young woman Denise Lovett. She is from a small village in England and when steps into the retail industry she is awestruck by life in the city. The machinery, the people, and their lifestyle intimidate her. Season 1 surrounds the background of the working culture, the first departmental stores have opened up.

John Moray who was once a draper’s boy at Emerson and was now the manager of The Paradise. It’s a department store that gave other small stores huge competition. Denise, who is from the small town of Peebles, takes a job at The Paradise. Season 2 witnesses the death of Lord Glendenning, the owner of The Paradise. His wife Katherine takes over the ownership. Joh who has been exiled in Paris, is requested by Katherine to return to The Paradise as the store needs to be upgraded. The department store was facing a loss after John had left. 

Casting Choices We Can Expect


The lead characters were different in season 1 and season 2. John Moray was the protagonist in both seasons. The character of John Moray was played by Emun Elliot, Lord Glendenning was played by Patrick Malahide, Katherine Glendenning was played by Elaine Cassidy. Denise Lovett was played by Johanna Vanderham, Edmund Lovett was played by Peter Wight, and last but not least the role of Miss. Audrey is played by Sarah Lancashire.

The other minor characters in the series are Tom Weston, Flora Weston, Myrtle, Pauline, and Susie Bell. Many other side characters made guest appearances.

When Can We Expect The Release


The series was a success. Season 1 and 2 were enjoyed greatly by the people of Britain. The creators of the show have decided not to move further with season 3. The creators of the show have decided to make room for new dramas as they stated that the viewers of the show were decreasing and the rating of the show had also gone down. Season one and season two are available on BBC One and Amazon Prime.

Summing It Up

The series will be known by its audience for the heart touching love story. The audience looks forward to such stories as they are like ice breakers which stand out from the monotonous series.

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