Talking About The Role That Car Clothing Can Bring

Talking about the role that car clothing can bring

Many of our car enthusiasts attach great importance to the maintenance of their own cars and pay more attention to the safety of their cars. Now the remote control car clothing is introduced on the market. The emergence of remote control car clothing immediately attracted car enthusiasts. There are also several important protective effects of remote control car clothing:


2. rain and snow, frost

3. to resist UV damage to car paint/interior/tires.

4. Insulate to a certain extent to prevent the temperature inside the car from becoming too high in summer.

5. Avoid pedestrians or children scratching the car with their nails or a knife.

6, special treatment can be flame retardant, to prevent fireworks from destroying cars.

7. The automatic clothing warning system prevents the theft of thugs to a certain extent and prevents the theft of articles and other parts in the car.

If the car is not driving, it will be parked on the side of the road, it will inevitably be exposed to the sun, and when it rains, it will be damaged by the wind and rain. The protective effect of cars is also obvious. More details about quality car covers available on

Wuhan, dress your car in the hot summer


Nowadays, cars have become a necessary means of travel for people. It is indeed more convenient to travel with a car, but at the same time, car owners also have many problems, such as: how to avoid sunburn on the car body? Reduce the frequency of car washing. Intelligent technology brings convenience to you, now there is a fully automatic intelligent remote control car clothing.

The purchase of automatic intelligent remote control car clothing

  1. Look at the size. The size of the car cover is not the standard for measuring the quality of a car cover, because a car cover of the right size can provide good protection. If it is loose, the car cover will flutter when the wind blows. If you move, inferior car clothing, it will rub the car surface and scratch the car paint.
  2. Look at the material. At present, there are many types of car clothing materials on the market. Cool word full-automatic intelligent remote control car clothing with a good reputation is much better in workmanship and material than cheap car clothing. Nano- and gold-laid car cover are sun-proof, waterproof, radiation-proof, and double-sided.

Intelligent remote control car clothing must be water-treated, waterproof and fireproof. The single-layer car clothing is guaranteed to be soft, so as to protect the car well. The material of the fully automatic intelligent remote control car clothing must be sun-proof, dust-proof, rain-proof, scratch-resistant, and flame-retardant. Secondly, we must pay attention to the inner material of the car clothing car cover. Car paint, and at the same time, fire-resistant fabrics have higher safety.

Say goodbye to messy car covers

This is an era of looking at the face. The face value of the car also represents the image of the owner. Fully-automatic intelligent remote-controlling clothing makes your car “forever young”. It not only protects your car from all directions and protects it from exposure to the sun or rain, but also has superb craftsmanship and aesthetic advantages. Such an “artifact” that has thousands of pets in one body, you who love cars, deserve to have.

While the clothing for your car plays a crucial role in maintaining its aesthetic appeal, it’s equally important to keep your car clean underneath. This is where products such as those from JennyChem come in. Their renowned snow foam is specially formulated to provide a deep, thorough clean, effortlessly lifting dirt and grime from your vehicle’s surface. It ensures that beneath the impressive facade provided by your car’s clothing, the actual body remains pristine and well-maintained. For car enthusiasts who value both appearance and underlying cleanliness, snow foam is an indispensable tool in your car care arsenal.

Protect your car with a car cover? In fact, car injuries are even worse!


Recently, an old gentleman in Chetutu District bought a Volvo car. The old couple has retired and their children have become married, so they have a lot of time to take care of this new man. So I moved a Maza every three steps, grabbed two buckets of water, and polished the car on the special parking space equipped with reinforced locks.

Because the community does not have an underground garage, in order to better protect the car, he recently bought another artifact-car clothing. Every time I stop the car, the first thing is to pull out the clothes from the trunk, and carefully wrapped the car.

Obviously, just like people wearing warm clothes and sun protection, car clothing can also play a lot of protection to the car. For example, to prevent gum and bird droppings, they will not only affect the aesthetics when they fall on the car but also corrode the car paint and rubber strips. However, there are good things, but there are bound to be bad ones. Regarding the use of car clothing to protect or hurt your car, online reviews are also divided into two sides.

Tips to prevent your car from being scratched

The beautiful lines of the car body are one of the important factors that leave a deep first impression and visual impact. The smoothness and integrity of the paint surface of the car body is also an element that adds points to the car body. There are flaws in the body, I believe many car owners will be very distressed. In addition to the body repair work, those minor scratches, hangings, and simple repairs can be done. So, here are a few common tips for everyone.

When the paint is brand new, you may wish to apply a layer of mirror glaze on the surface of the car body. The mirror glaze is based on a high molecular polymer, which directly acts on the surface of the car paint. Using a polishing machine or manual operation on the cleaned body, the mirror glaze is squeezed into the interior of the car paint by vibration to form a net-like protective film, which greatly improves the hardness of the paint surface.

At the same time, the characteristics of the mirror glaze with high-temperature resistance and UV resistance better protect the car paint. If the car wash is waxed regularly, the effect of the mirror glaze can be maintained for one year.

Always use running water instead of standing water when washing your car. For example; barreled water to wash the car, this is standing water. The washed sand is brought to the bucket by a towel. After the towel is washed in muddy water, it is returned to the body with the sand and wiped. When washing with running water, you should also pay attention to washing from top to bottom, because the water flows with the dirt from top to bottom, and only scratches can be avoided by washing from top to bottom.

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