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Brain Fog, What is it?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear brain fog? For me it was literally an image of fog all over my mind. While very vague, it does actually mean that. Brain fog is the name of a non-medical condition that influences an individual’s ability to …

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Top 5 CBD Cosmetic Products

The beauty industry is estimated to be worth $530 billion; it’s a figure that indicates how lucrative the sector is. A lot of research and development are usually conducted to invent novel products. In the past decade or so, the popularity of CBD has gone through the roof. It has …

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Prevent Pain – Stricken Gout Attack by Adopting a Vegetarian Style of Life

Finding your triggers is as important as changing your lifestyle and your dietary habits. Vegetarian diet tips could be your first step to a pain-free life. Explore appropriate websites to know different remedies, to gather more information, and share your gout stories and discuss potential changes you have made to …

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