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Bjergsen Net Worth 2024 – Famous League of Legends’ Player


The real name behind the nickname Bjergsen, League of Legends’ player, is Soren Bjerg. He is playing for Team SoloMid, and Bjergsen is a fund of video games since his early ages because he was playing video games for long hours in his childhood. He is the famous gamer millionaire …

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Leafyishere Net Worth 2024 – Famous YouTube Comedian


Leafyshere is a famous YouTube comedian, known throughout the Internet community. His YouTube channel is called “Leafy is here”, which mainly focuses on video games, and reactions and covers of popular Internet news and drama. Read on to learn more about his life, work, and net worth. Early Life and …

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What Are Game Boosting Services – The Beginner’s Guide 2024

Are you a video game lover and enthusiast? Do you play video games on a daily basis? If the answer is yes, chances are that you’ve already heard about game boosting services before. If you’re not that much into video games, however, worry not, we’ll explain everything that you need …

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15 Things Great Video Games Have in Common – 2024 Review

The popularity of games starts in the 1980s with Tetris and Gameboy. Children and people around the world have played these games. Very soon it was replaced with video games as Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive. Those were the first 16-bit console and as technology evolved, so did they. Now, …

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How to Get the Legendary Luna’s Howl?

The industry of video games today is bigger than movies and music industries combined. With the advancements in technology, and new solutions for better hardware, especially processors and graphic cards, modern video games provide as with a near-realistic experience and amazing gameplay. Also, some video games are holding their popularity …

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Explained: The Relationship Between Video Games And Gambling

Video games and online gambling are two of the most popular hobbies around. Both allow you to enjoy games with fun visuals and exciting gameplay mechanics. What most people don’t realize, however, is that there’s actually a close relationship between the two hobbies and they’ve frequently borrowed elements from each …

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7 Cognitive Benefits of Playing Video Games for Adults

We are aware that this article may be controversial because we want to introduce you to the main benefits of video games. These can bring us some benefits at the cognitive and even social level. Of course, the key is not to abuse them and make rational and moderate use …

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