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7 Things to Know before Using a Portable Vaporizer For The First Time

If you have never vaped before, you may want to learn how to do it first. Vaping is different than smoking, even though there are some similarities. A lot of smokers choose e-cigarettes and vaping devices to try to quit smoking. This proves to be very effective because vaping liquids …

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7 Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Vaporizer

People who use vaporizers usually have the same struggle – to find the right way to clean it properly. You will find plenty of tips and tricks on how to do that, but it’s more important to use the proper tools and cleaning items, so you won’t cause any damage …

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Does A Pax 2 Smell?

If discretion and smell are really your top priority, the PAX 2 is probably the best choice you can make. If the smell inside is a problem and there is sufficient air circulation, make sure the pot is simply not airtight. The smell can be bad if it looks like …

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