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How to Select Website Images That Get Clicked Right Away

There is no doubt that people are very visually oriented creatures. Since the beginning of their business, large organizations, from tech giants like Google, to retail brands like The Gap, have recognized the potential value of imagery since a single picture can evoke a wide variety of feelings in consumers. …

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5 Things to Know About Ringtones and Copyright

It’s no secret that people love listening to music, whether it be on their own time or while they’re working. While many people keep their phones on vibrate all the time, there is a great number of them that likes to express their style by assigning their favorite tune as …

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Is Contentos Still A Good Long-Term Investment In 2023

Contento is a decentralized system for the distribution, creation and sharing of content using blockchain technology. Contento has its currency known as the “cos”, which lies at the core of all transactions of the system. It is a relatively new venture that aims to liberalize the way content is created …

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Blackjack Strategies You Should Actually Avoid

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games, both in-person and online. When first people come into the gambling world, they usually start with blackjack, as it is considered one of the most accessible games for beginners to understand. It is one such game that provides the most rewarding …

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7 Tips to Choose the Best Wedding Jewelry

Source: pixabay.com

Jewelry forms a significant part of the wedding trousseau. It adds glitz and glam to the bride’s aura while making her look elegant and sophisticated on a very special day. However, with so many pieces available on the market, choosing the best wedding jewelry that complements your outfit can feel …

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8 Golden Rules To Create an Impactful Presentation

PowerPoint remains the most common presentation tool available, from presenting a concept to prospective investors to company evaluations for senior teams or presentations for internal marketing teams. PowerPoint presentations are simple to create and maintain. They are also useful for adding visual interest to your presentation. Delivering exceptional PowerPoint presentations …

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Is Cash For Cars A Good Way To Dispose Of An Old Vehicle?

Is Cash For Cars A Good Way To Dispose Of An Old Vehicle

Disposing of an old vehicle would never be a walk in the park. It’s not a small piece of item that you can just toss in the trash and wait for the collectors to take out of your property. While you can easily just bring them for recycling, getting the …

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5 Tips To Keep Your Garage Door In Perfect Working Order

When you are choosing the garage door, the most important factors are the style and material. The most common options for style are sectional, sliding, roll-up, and tilt-up. The selection is related to your preferences, but some of these options can be more convenient. For example, if you have a …

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11 Reasons to Quit Your Job Immediately

The decision to quit your job is never an easy one to make. There might be a hundred reasons that are holding you back. Perhaps the pay is good, or you’ll miss your colleagues dearly. Maybe you don’t like big changes, and the uncertainty about the future is making you …

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