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7 Unique Ideas for Teaching Creative Writing to Students

Students tend to feel overwhelmed when given a piece of blank paper to write about a particular topic. That’s because they perceive creative writing as a realm full of unlimited imagination. But with little fun activities and inspiration, relaxed writers start gaining confidence and skills to create a better quality …

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Sarah Fowlkes Bio and Net Worth 2024

Sarah (Madden) Fowlkes has an unflattering reputation as a teacher who had an affair with her student. She was arrested in 2017 under the charges of having an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old student at the school in Lockhart, Texas, where she worked as a teacher. She became known to …

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Reasons and Challenges of Learning New Languages

There are more and more reasons to know one, two, and even more foreign languages. Everybody knows that knowing foreign languages gives a lot of advantages and perspectives in all possible spheres of life. Usually, when the person has the motivation and a true desire to learn a new language, …

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