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Communication Between Generations: 5 Technologies That Will Help You Stay in Touch With Your Grandkids

When you and your loved ones live far apart, it can be challenging to feel connected to each other. Every individual in your family has their own life and their own schedule, and as your grandchildren grow older, they only become busier. It’s harder to keep up with monumental news …

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Top 4 Tips for Choosing the Best SIM-Only Deal

With new smartphones being launched every week and fierce competition among the largest manufacturers, there are usually many deals for the most expensive phones. The flash sale seems worth the money, but with some tricks (such as choosing the right time of year and the right place to buy), you …

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Nearshoring IT Business in Ukraine

Nearshoring companies are of great help in empowering startups and small businesses to success. Statistics say that over 25 successful businesses were developed and grew thanks to outsourcing. Companies like Skype, Slack, and GitHub, also had this experience. Nowadays, many businesses in the West are familiar with the fact that …

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