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What Are Customs Bonds and Why Do You Need Them?

Starting a business whose one of the main elements of modus operandi is importation or distribution is not a walk in the park. Numerous aspects require your attention. You would need to spend countless hours studying the regulation in your country before you can do everything conferring to the word …

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Apple to Only Allow “Native Online Gambling Apps” on App Store

Updated App Store review standards said that HTML5 games offered inside applications might not allow access to real money gambling, lotteries, or charity contributions. They may not enable digital commerce because of some regional regulations that need to be followed. According to CasinoVibez, living in a state where online gambling …

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The Employers Duties To Workers Safety, Health, And Welfare in 2022

When working it’s good to know that our employer has a duty of care for an employee, this includes their health, safety, and overall welfare. They are in place for the protection of both employer and employee, should anything happen this gives a structured means to check if everything was …

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