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How to Build Brand Recognition in 2020

If you want to market your product, service or company in your area, it is important to build brand recognition. Of course it’s important to deliver a good service or product, but sometimes the reason it’s hard to get new clients, is because your brand isn’t that well-known yet. Good …

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10 Expenses You Should Avoid in Running a Startup

If you are an entrepreneur who has begun his – or her – first startup, then you might be a little bit concerned about the health of the future of your company. After all, startup adventures are extremely expensive to initiate. Many company owners pour their own money into building …

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6 Creative Small Business Promotional Ideas

In this day and age, we can see that marketing became one of the main drive forces for small businesses to grow. Promoting a business through various channels will ensure reaching new, potential customers. This ultimately leads to the increase of conversion rate, which is the most important thing for …

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