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Lost luggage? Here’s What to do 2020

When you are traveling losing your luggage is always a big concern. Everyone has heard horror stories of a friend who lost their luggage on a flight and ended up spending their whole vacation wearing the same jeans and tee shirt. The thought alone conjures such anxiety it has created …

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Weighted Blankets For Children – 2020

Sleep is extremely important for your child and his or her development. That is why it is important to have a quality weighted blanket for your children. Healthy Sleep = Healthy Child! Chronic sleep deprivation can weaken immunity, and tired (sleepless) children are more prone to colds, flu, and other …

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Why Child Should Attend Boarding School in 2020

You may have the funds to send your child to boarding school, or they may have won a part or full scholarship to attend, but the question remains: is this the right choice for your youngster and your family? All students and their circumstances are different, so you have to …

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5 Best Fitness Tracker For Kids in 2020

When they have appeared on the market, the smartwatches were only for the adult audience, not for kids, but at the moment, the picture is changed. At the moment you can find a wide range of smartwatches for children with all kinds of features. The fitness tracker for children also …

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Can You Travel the World with Your Kids?

Many people may say, “I want to travel but I have a child”. You’ve always enjoyed travel, want to see the world, but you have kids. Should you just quit and never hit the road? On the contrary, traveling with children is easier than you think. Of course, there are …

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Kids Love Dinosaurs – What’s The Catch?

This is an Oviraptor, this is a Velociraptor, and this is my favorite – Tyrannosaurus Rex. These very large ones are Brachiosaurus and Apatosaurus and they have a long neck to eat the leaves. Did your child ever tell you something like this? Do you also have a small paleontologist …

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