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Stop Making These 7 Resume Mistakes

I’ve worked as a recruiting manager in the technology business. During that period, I reviewed hundreds of resumes from people seeking a variety of employment. Although the occupations vary, the majority of the resumes have one thing in common: they stink. Here’s the issue: recruiting isn’t the only thing I …

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Moving To London For A Job – 2021 Guide

London is England’s biggest business hub and the center of operations for every major company residing in England. To put it quite simply, London is huge and the job market is even bigger. So naturally, it would be the go job hunting. Many Brits say that opportunities to work are …

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How to Become an Executive Assistant?

There is a massive role of executive assistant in the growth and development of a company. The hired person works under the executive and does specific tasks. He is responsible for researching, analyzing, and reporting the complete information that comes across the desk. Every business provides different duties to its …

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