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4 Modern Beach Wear to Protect Your Skin From the Heat

The ocean has a significant impact on people’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. So, it makes sense that millions of people spend quality time at the beach, bonding and having fun with their loved ones. When you expose your skin to the sun outdoors, like when at the beach, the …

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What Is An Industrial Plate Heat Exchanger – Usage and Characteristics

Plate heat exchangers were firstly available to the general public in 1920. Their use ever since has grown exponentially across multiple industries and applications. But what is an industrial plate heat exchanger? A plate exchanger is made out of multiple parallel placed plates, one on top of another, to allow …

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Should You Use Your Home AC For Heating?

Summer is now officially over, and the temperature outside is definitely going through a few changes. What was considered to be “completely unbearable” a few weeks ago, today is the temperature that we desire to feel. It won’t take long before we start seeing the number dropping below the zero …

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