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Is it Better to have Separate Health Insurance?

Group health insurance policies aren’t something that is new, but there are surely some tricky moments we must be aware of. For example, in the USA you can apply for a company group insurance, or to get a couple-policy when you are married. Surely it has some benefits, knowing how …

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4 Important Applications of 3D Printing

If we were living in the 1960s, 3D printing would be the stuff of science fiction. Today, the technology to print almost anything is becoming commonplace. To date, the 3D printing industry is growing rapidly with Statista.com expecting it to be worth at least $40.8 billion by 2024. What was …

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Medical Tourism in Today’s Global Era

In a world of separate and yet overlapping economies, an era of international travel and provincial healthcare establishments, it makes perfect sense to shop around for the best value. While it once was the case that the term “medical tourism” referred to patients journeying from developing countries to access modern …

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