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10 Pros and Cons of Conventional vs Sumo Deadlifts

There are so many exercises, but a few exercises stand out in particular because they are unrivaled best for muscle development, strength, athleticism and burning calories. These are mostly compound exercises, which means that they activate several muscle groups at the same time, and those exercise are among others squat, …

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Health and Wellness Tips for 2021

Everyone says they’re going to be healthier in the New Year, and some people even go as far as making resolutions that are often unattainable or just plain unnecessary. We put ourselves under a lot of pressure to start the New Year fresher and healthier. Many of us will spend …

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How to Get Started with CrossFit – 2021 Guide

CrossFit is more than exercising. It’s a whole lifestyle that includes safe workout techniques and nutrition plans, so you can accomplish your weight loss plans and improve your health. Every exercising plan can be adapted to the client’s current condition and fitness level. This lifestyle is appropriate for people of …

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