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Travel to Mykonos With a Luxury Concierge in 2021

We have all been there once. Quickly throwing your clothes in the suitcase, checking your list to ensure that you did not forget something, rushing out of your home while grabbing something to eat… When you think about it, traveling can be quite tiring and overwhelming. But, if you want …

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10 Countries Where People Are Crazy about Gambling

Gambling is extremely popular across the world, although it is illegal in some countries. Do you know 4.2 billion people across the world gamble at least once every year, and 1.2 billion people gamble regularly? With increasing technological developments and online casino platforms, it is becoming increasingly accessible to everyone. …

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Top 3 Destinations for Your Gap Year

Are you still wondering if you should go traveling in your gap year? Wonder no more, start wandering. Times might be hard, but traveling is always worth the money and effort you put into it. After all, when we grow old, what stories will we tell our grandchildren? What memories …

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