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The Future Of The IOT – 2021 Guide

The Internet of Things or IOT. Isn’t that a cool term? Well, it might just be. And it might be terminology that is going to get thrown around a lot in the next decade (or beyond that). So what will the future hold for all things IOT? That we can …

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How Robots are Leading the Way in Space Exploration in 2021

The vast majority of pop-culture references to robots have been pictures of humanoid(ish) computers interacting with humans and intergalactic residents alike. Some of the most famous robots (R2-D2, C-3PO, etc.) have all been featured as human-helpers on spaceships and distant planets in the not so distant future. These depictions may …

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8 Innovations That Revolutionize Our Life – 2021 Review

Innovations have been changing the way we live and work for a very long time. Every day, we use new technologies and cutting-edge applications to talk to friends, pay bills, play games, book travel, and for numerous other purposes. Whether it comes to virtual reality, artificial intelligence, or drones, innovations …

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