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​How to Use the Economic Calendar for Trading in the Forex Market

An economic calendar is probably an essential information guide used by traders to know more about events that would impact the Forex market. It is like looking up your appointment diary that contains a daily schedule of economic news. The data will indicate the market’s volatility and hints at the …

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Forex Market: Five Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

Are you an expert retail trader? If yes, you will agree that trading in a regulated stock market can become tiring and might result in huge losses. But as any other professional, if you also want to expand your trading horizons, you might want to take look at the forex …

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Busting Top Four Myths about Forex Market

As the Forex market is a big field, there are lots of misconceptions about the market. So, investors should work out what is good information and what are myths about the market. Sometimes, newcomers believe myths and try to trade based on them. Many people come to the Forex market …

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