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I’m Ready for My Closeup: Zooming In on the Camera Setup

No matter the scale of the project you’re shooting, whether a short film or a big project, one of the most vital pieces of equipment you’ll need is a camera. Considering that you will be shooting scenes or what have you, it only makes sense that you have something to …

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5 Ways Ormus Minerals Can Improve Your Mental Clarity and Focus

At times, it can be hard to focus or think straight. This can interfere with our everyday lives and many important projects we are engaged in. It’s possible to fumble things we’d otherwise do without any issue. That’s why a variety of useful supplements exist, aiming to remedy the issues …

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5 Reasons Why Looped Videos are Powerful

Whether it features an eye-roll, a mic drop, a silly dance, or a funny facial expression, looped videos have won the internet over. But what is it about short repetitive clips that make them so mesmerizing? You’ve probably seen a few GIFs on the internet. Some use them to express …

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