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​The Growth of Online Casinos in Florida in 2021

2020 was the year that changed a lot of lives in more ways than we can count. Naturally, some of the aspects have returned to how they were before the pandemic, but some of them are yet to return. Without any doubt, we will need to wait for a couple …

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5 Most Affordable Waterfront Cities in Florida To Live in 2021

Most people have dreamt about living near the ocean, in a waterfront home. However, most do not get the chance to live out that dream because the prices for waterfront properties are generally out of reach for most. But if you know what to look for, you can find some …

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Michael Jordan Net Worth 2021 – American Basketball Legend

Michael Jordan is an American basketball player and an entrepreneur who has a net worth if $1.9 billion. Even with not playing basketball professionally in over a decade, Jordan still earns an approx. amount of $80-100 million per year. These earnings are from endorsements and various other business ventures. Michael …

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Top 10 Safest Florida Cities from Hurricanes – 2021 Guide

Living in Florida has lots of perks. From its mild climate and beautiful beaches to a friendly population and top-tier universities, the Sunshine State offers plenty of opportunities for young and old alike. Even its real estate market offers properties at prices more reasonable than other, less desirable locales. But …

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Jamie Linden Net Worth 2021 – Florida Native Screenwriter

Jamie Linden

Jamie Linden is an American screenwriter who gained recognition for his work on “We Are Marshall” and “Dear John”. His two other popular movies are “Money Monster” and “10 Years”. It was reported that he is working on a screenplay for a new movie named “Chaos Walking”. Before he started …

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The Ultimate Guide to Organizing a Low-budget Move in Florida

Wonderful climate conditions and interesting tax “conditions” are some of the main reasons why people are moving to Florida. From retirees and “snowbirds” to “millennials” and ex-pats, the Sunshine State attracts various profiles of people. Meanwhile, different housing and rental markets offer a variety of attractive and less attractive options. …

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