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Improving Your User Experience with OKRs

Advanced technology has enabled the simple disbursement of information through websites and other social media platforms. This way, companies can now provide sufficient visual and written information about their services or products. Similarly, consumers now utilize the platforms to learn about new and existing products and more about the company. …

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How to Design and Analyze a Survey

Surveys are a tool often used today to gather information and gain insight into the collective opinion of the public. The purpose of their presence in various researches is quick and easy data collection. The need for this way of research comes not only from researchers or journalists but in …

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UX Agency Holds Ace in Business Website Development

In life, if people experience a great thing, they tend to do that over and over again. If they enjoy a flight with a certain airline, chances are slim that they would fly aboard another airline again—unless of course there is another factor in a place like cheaper fare. If …

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