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7 Unusual Japanese Inventions You Might Didn’t Know About

Humanity is evolving at an incredible rate. With each passing day, technology is becoming more advanced, and people are finding new ways to make life easier for all of humanity. However, one country stands out when it comes to progress – and that is Japan. This is a technology-savvy country …

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Basketball Movies

The long awaited sequel to the Michael Jordan and Looney Toons movie Space Jam from 1996 is finally happening. Space Jam 2 is set to release in July 2022, twenty-five years after the original cult classic appeared. Over these years, the movie industry has constantly been expanding, and as a …

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Top 5 Celebrities Who Love Flowers

Lifestyles of the famous and the rich are always in the news and while most things about their project and love lives hit the front pages and the things we hear much less about are their interests and personal hobbies. Unsurprisingly there are a lot of celebrities who are big …

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