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4 of the Biggest Video Game Tournaments in the World

Video games have grown even more in popularity in recent years thanks to the lucrative nature of professional video game tournaments and the huge amounts of money that can be made if you decide to become a professional esports player. In this article we’ll be exploring the 4 of the …

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6 Most Competitive Games of 2022

Video games exist for a very long time, and ever since the day they were introduced to the public, people saw a hint of competition and an opportunity to become the best at them. Although the eSport scene back then wasn’t nearly even comparable to what it is today, people …

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Dota 2: The Perfect Game to Go Pro On

The world of video games is full of many exciting opportunities and Dota 2 is certainly one of those. As far as competitive video gaming goes, Dota 2 is rightly one of the forefathers of all esports, and it has been one of the most successful computer games to transform …

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