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7 Tips When Developing A Sales Recruitment Plan

Establishing a reputable brand for your business by getting people to engage with your products or services depends largely on your sales representatives and marketing strategies. This means that the top priority should be on recruiting effective salespersons as they’ll be the ones to influence and act out the marketing …

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6 Things You Need to Know About Developing an App for Your Business

With the rise of the smartphone more than a decade ago, apps have completely reshaped how we access and use information. From social media and travel to transit, banking, and shopping, billions of people around the world rely on apps in their everyday life, so it shouldn’t be surprising that …

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What is a Brand Manager – Job Description, Skills and Salary

They are accountable for making sure that the products, services, and product lines – that fall under their company – respond to current as well as potential customers.  To make this happen, they continuously monitor digital marketing trends. In addition, they keep a close eye on products from competitors in …

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