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How to Keep Dental Crown Clean

A dental crown or just crown is a popular way of dental restoration when the natural teeth are very damaged and the dents are not strong enough for artificial teeth and implants. The crowns are using the healthy teeth to hold to them, and usually, the dentist is performing cementing, …

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6 Different Types Of Dental Implant Procedures in 2020

Dental implants are increasingly popular lately and more and more people choose this option when their teeth start losing quality and cannot be saved. The material they are made of is pure titanium. They are nicely made that they fit the jaw perfectly and imitate the natural teeth. It is …

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How Much Do Clear Braces Cost

Making the decision to straighten out your smile seems like a no-brainer. Who doesn’t want to smile with total confidence? While the choice to get braces seems pretty obvious, there are three factors that always inhibit a person from taking the plunge: aesthetic, time, and cost. Each of these points …

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