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The Coronavirus Impact on Office Work

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted businesses in many ways. Most people now either work from home or have accustomed themselves to limited interaction while in the workplace. And even if the pandemic is over, there’s a possibility that some of the changes will become the norm as heightened health protocols …

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Using HR Systems Effectively During Covid-19

Businesses are having to overcome hurdles quickly during the pandemic. Few managers and HR teams could have prepared for this situation and remote working has caused cracks in systems and processes to show. When it comes to managing staff, HR systems are proving one of the most valuable tools for …

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How Pharmaceutical Testing Labs Help Ensure Quality Assurance

Pharmaceutical quality control testing must be rigorous. It must also involve multiple techniques, including gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry, and elemental analysis techniques. Applying various techniques for quality control testing is essential since impurities can take many forms, from volatiles to solids and everything in between. Drug and biotech …

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