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6 Common Misconceptions People Have about Mineral-Based Makeup

There are a lot of misconceptions about mineral-based makeup out there. Some people think it’s not as effective as traditional cosmetics, or that it’s only for people with sensitive skin. Others believe that it’s expensive and difficult to find. But the truth is, these products can be just as effective …

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Luxury Makeup You Should Splurge on in 2023 with No Regrets

Every makeup lover knows that it can be so tough to resist buying new products, even when you know that you have more than enough. But the point of makeup isn’t buying it just because you need it. It is about trying out new stuff, testing them on your skin, …

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Functional Benefits of Mica in Cosmetics

Mica is typically used across various industries, with its immense versatility reflected in the diversity of the applications. Though mica is often associated with thermal management and industrial insulation, it is also a fundamental component within the beauty industry. The concept of mineral makeup Mineral makeup is a term used …

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