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7 Online Games to Play During Coronavirus – 2021 Tips

The coronavirus crisis forced lots of people to stay home until the situation is under control. The first days of the self-isolation were enough to get rest and have time for ourselves, but as the days were passing by and the situation didn’t get better, many people realized that they …

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Are You Scared to Return to Work During Coronavirus?

As states and businesses begin to slowly open up in certain parts of the country, employees are struggling with the decision regarding returning to work. People have a fear for their safety and the ability to protect their loved ones in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Individuals have expressed …

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How to Secure Your Employees Health During a Pandemic Outbreak

Companies need to protect their employees and businesses from any outbreak, considering that many owners are currently faced with operating under a pandemic. Most companies can perform numerous activities in the workplace to minimize the risk of spreading any infection. Employees and owners can work collaboratively to promote hygienic habits …

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