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How to Build Up a Professional School App Without Coding

We can freely say that the world will stop if there weren’t for the Internet, as most things are dependent on it. The global economy will suffer, and our lives would not be the same. Luckily that will not happen, or at least the chances are high that it will …

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What to Do While Waiting for Your Second Stimulus Check

Many Americans are in dire need of the second stimulus check. Here’s the timeline of what happened: The president signed authorization for the second check during the week of December 21st. This was welcome news to many, especially since it was so close to the holidays. People started seeing the …

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How You Can Teach Yourself Coding 

If you haven’t already heard, coding is currently considered the most valuable skill. Every piece of technology we use is built on and powered by a programming language. When you learn to code, your skills are applicable in a wide variety of industries, giving you versatility on the job market. …

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