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How to quit smoking-8 Helpful Tips

Smoking can be a tough habit to break. Many smokers have been unsuccessful in quitting and struggle to find the proper resources to help them succeed. However, with dedication and a plan in place, there is hope for those who want to kick the habit for good. The first step …

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Study Finds That Smokers Are Less Addicted on Cigarettes but Less Motivated to Quit – Why Is That the Case?

Taking a look at many statistics will tell you that more people have tobacco smoking addiction than any other. The only other one that can rival it is alcohol. Substances like cannabis, heroin, or cocaine have much fewer users than those two. Since the consequences of using these are way …

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Benefits of Sleep For A Healthier Life

Inadequate sleep at night can wreak havoc on your mental and physical health the next day. Continuous lack of sleep causes more damages that are everlasting than just a day. At Sleepy’s Express we have participated in recent studies that have shown not getting enough, quality sleep regularly can have …

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