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The Future of IT Outsourcing – Trends for 2020

In December 2019, the Financial Times (FT) published an article on how India became a major IT outsourcer and why failure has now occurred. More details about IT Outsourcing you could find in the SpdLoad article. At the turn of the century, Western technology companies were worried that the “2000 …

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Planning Travels in 2020 – Places You Must Visit

With traveling services being more and more available for everyone, it makes it a no brainer move to save a few hundred dollars and visit a place that you’ve always wanted. The world is full of untold beauties that are just waiting for you to visit them. And if you …

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3 Popular Chinese Animated Movies for Children

Recent years have witnessed dynamic development in the Chinese original animation market. Many excellent local animations with distinctive characters spring up across the country and even go global. Now, I am going to walk you through three top-rated Chinese animated movies for children, which are definitely worth watching. Ne Zha …

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