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The Brain’s Incredible Potential

The human brain is an absolutely amazing thing. Science is still learning every day about this astonishing part of your body. While the research continues, we are amazed by new annual findings that push our understanding of what this body part is truly capable of. Always be careful of what …

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How to Stop Yourself from Overthinking – 2021 Tips

Overthinking clouds your judgment. You allow stress to overwhelm your ability to decide, and you act solely based on your emotions. You also create unrealistic situations in your head and fear something you shouldn’t. Since you’re alone in a confined space due to lockdown orders, you tend to think more …

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The Effects Sleep Apnea Has on Work Performance

If you struggle to breathe at night and wind up snoring, you will probably wake up frequently and your sleep quality will be poor when you are asleep. It is hard to perform your best without a good night’s sleep, thus sleep apnea can make your professional life much harder. …

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