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6 Keys to Finding a New Home During Covid-19

None of us ever expected to need to buy a home during a pandemic, but life cannot be put on hold indefinitely. And despite the virus’s effects on daily life, buying a home is still possible so long as you plan ahead and do it cautiously.  When you are ready …

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Print Marketing – a Realtors Best Friend

When the internet was first catching on in popularity, real estate professionals arrived in big numbers to explore the exciting new marketing opportunity. Now, many years later, the web is flooded with competitive offers, and limited reach is preventing many of them from having their voices heard. That’s where direct …

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Car Lease Advice: How To Lease A Car & Get Car Leasing Deals

Leasing a car can be one of the best ways to drive your favourite car conveniently and for a lower price than it might cost on finance. You get the pleasure of using and driving the car, and once done, simply return it and get a brand new car. How …

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