Reasons Why Switzerland Is Pretty Much Heaven on Earth

As a tourist and a citizen of the world, it is natural that any individual wants to visit the most popular destinations planet Earth has to offer. While it would be ideal to get to see everything, we are not so lucky and it is impossible to visit every corner of the world or even everything that is considered top-tier in one lifespan. This is why we have to pick and choose where we go and what we decide to experience. Due to time constraints and finances, people are not able to travel nearly as much as they would like. “If traveling were free, you would never see me again,” the popular saying goes.

Due to these factors, traveling needs to be carefully planned months, even years, in advance. It is the easiest when you travel alone, but most people travel with their partners, kids, or friends, and this only makes things more difficult to arrange and plan. Luckily, most tourists have similar wishes particularly when it comes to Europe.

European countries are grouped together, they are smaller on average when compared to other parts of the world, and you can visit more of them during a single trip. One of the most interesting places and the best places to be any time of the year is Switzerland.

Often referred to as Heaven on Earth by tourists and enthusiasts, but never really by the locals, it is a small country full of good things. From natural beauty and picturesque towns to iconic brands and a high standard of living, Switzerland has it all. In this article we talk about why people like it so much and why you should definitely have it at the top of your traveling bucket list. To find out more about this magnificent place and book a travel guide for your trip there, make sure to check out

1. Breathtaking Nature


You are probably familiar with all the landscapes Switzerland has to offer. The scenery in the country ranges from lush forests and enormous lakes, to high mountains and hillside villages. Pictures from the countryside are able to capture imagination and provide relaxation to the mind and the body. A little known fact for tourists is that the Alps make up almost 62% of the country.

Despite its limited area, it is definitely difficult to choose where to go first. Winter activities are plentiful due to the Alps so winter sport lovers have a lot to look forward to. For those looking for cities to explore, you will love the fact that each city is individual and unique. Famous for its lakes, you will practically have a few different ones to check out every time you return.

2. All-Around Weather


If you want a country where you can go up a mountain to ski in the winter and experience true cold, and then come back in the summer and feel hot as you walk around villages, Switzerland is the place for you. The mountains hold snow for as long as 6 months, giving tourists and the locals plenty of time to enjoy winter activities. Summers can get chilly in one valley, with the sun shining with its full might a few valleys over.

Then again, another one close by could have dark, rainy clouds above it. However, a rainy or a snowy morning does not guarantee the rest of the day being the same. It is quite the opposite actually. Overall, the climate is mild and it is regulated by the Atlantic Ocean. Then again, certain parts do have Mediterranean climate with vineyards throughout the hillsides just like in France and Italy.

3. Diverse Culture


Since it is considered by many to be the seat of Europe in terms of geopolitical affairs, Switzerland is unique in its importance and diversity. You get to meet a little part of the country in every single city, from Zurich, Bern, Geneva, and Basel, to the smaller towns dotting the territory from north to south, east to west. The cultures and languages mix and the traditions vary depending on which border is the closest.

German and French are the official languages, but you can experience a lot of Italy and Austria as well. It almost seems like there are a few smaller countries inside it when you start to compare the different influences and trends, local cultures, and especially the cuisine. There are more than 600 museums in this small country and every kind of art is present. The Swiss are proud and they keep their tradition and cherish their history, which is important when meeting and experiencing the country.

4. Health and Happiness


The Swiss people are some of the happiest and healthiest in the world, due to the combination of favorable weather conditions, a common interest in exercising and staying in shape, environmental resources, and a high standard. The quality of life is simply at the very top and it also helps that the politics of the country have kept it neutral throughout its modern history.

They are known as pacifists and it is not even a question of whether somebody could attack them or declare war on them. The people know this, they are proud to be Swiss, and it can be seen on every corner. They live long lives, you can see elderly people jogging early in the morning, and they do not consume alcohol and cigarettes nearly as much as other nations. They consume light and sugar-free diets and eat smaller portions than what the rest of us are used to. Fast food places are few and far apart, walking is the preferred mode of moving about, and despite their love of cheese, bread, chocolate, and wine, they keep being healthy.

5. Education


Generally, education is affordable and available to most Swiss people and the amount of uneducated or low educated people is extremely low. On top of this, high education institutions have high standards, the students generally prefer staying in their country to leaving for other countries to find work, and there are modern methods of teaching and active learning.

Their education is so good in fact that over 20% of all students in Switzerland are international. A lot of attention is put on the children learning in the best conditions they can, the school systems are among the best, and there are practically no people who fail to finish high school. Extracurricular activities are plenty and the kids are encouraged to pursue whatever they feel like doing.

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