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Swimming Pool Cleaning & Care Tips for Beginners 2024

If you want swimming in the pool to be as comfortable as perfectly clean – care should be taken constantly. That refers to cleaning and maintenance. But what if you are a beginner and you still do not know all the tips and tricks involved in maintaining the pool? We are here to help you. So get specialized equipment and start cleaning your pool as early as in spring. Get your pool ready for an unforgettable 2024 summertime experience in your backyard.

Pools – Aquatic Oasis During the Summer Period

The hot summer lasts more and more each year and there is more and more interest in building a swimming pool in the yard. Classic pools of all sizes and shapes are the most popular. However, if you want a pool in your backyard it is most important to focus your attention on pool selection, quality installation, and maintenance. The swimming pools are a pleasure for the whole family and extend the summer vacation and enjoyment in the hot summer days.

Prefabricated Or Built Pools?

In recent years, the pool supply has been high and the cost of construction – and installation has been significantly reduced compared to previous years. Today we have several different types of pools, and their price depends on the type of materials they are made of, the shape, size and time of installation. There are semi-prefabricated liner pools, foil-lined, concrete pools, etc. What has been a trend in recent years is that rapid construction pools are more in demand than conventional walled pools -first, because of their cost but also because of the great savings in construction time.

Regular Pool Maintenance Is A Paramount

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In addition to the swimming pools, it is important to anticipate the purchase of accessories that will make it easier for you to clean it and provide cleaner and safer bathing water. It is best to have covers that protect the pools from mechanical impurities – like dust or leaves during inclement weather.

However, you should also provide yourself with a smaller number of pool fillers, thus saving water. To enjoy your pool carelessly, you need to put extra effort into maintaining the water and cleanliness. Unless you regularly use water disinfectants and a pump with filters – you will need to repeatedly empty the pools during the season. To avoid this, use a water purification tablet and chlorine every seven days. That way, the water in your backyard will be clean and free of algae and you won’t have to refill the pool. Sellers recommend “chlorine granulate” as the most suitable means of disinfecting water and protecting it against bacteria and algae propagation.

Pool Cleaning

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In order for the swimming in the pools to be as comfortable as perfectly clean, care should always be taken when cleaning them. So get some specialized equipment and start cleaning your pool, so it’s ready for an unforgettable summertime experience. Keep in mind that if you clean it on a regular basis – you will stop the bacteria from finding their new home. You can also find very useful tips online at specialist sites like Compass Pools that will show you the precise steps when it comes to quality pool maintenance. Keeping the pools the right way is a science, and sometimes we just forget the exact procedure. To avoid common mistakes, we will stick to this list of main tips:

1. Have you checked the water?

Water should be tested regularly, preferably two or three times a week, whether the pH is in balance, whether the chlorine in the pool is in good proportion. The pH should be just above the neutral value, between 7.2 and 7.6.

2. Have you balanced the degree of chemicals?

You tried things out and saw that some chemistry needed to be added. Did you do that? The most common bad thing that owners do is to delay things and not adjust the chemical balance of the water. The outcome can be a major problem to clean later.

3. Have you shocked the pool lately?

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Even if you regularly adjust the chemical balance of the water in the pool, it is advisable to shock your pool with chlorine shock from time to time. You need to follow the shocking instructions as they are different from the regular use of chlorine. What we are trying to do with the shock chlorine is to remove the organic compounds that have evolved in the pools.

4. Have you checked the pump?

First, make sure the pump is running. If the pump pressure reaches 8-10 psi above normal (1-1.5 bar), we perform a Backwash system. It usually takes about 3 minutes to complete the process, so soon we have a clean filter which means that the pump will not overload during operation.

5. Have you cleaned or replaced your filter recently?

The filter should be cleaned every 4 to 6 months. Clean the debris from the filter, rinse the filter, let it dry, return it – and that’s it.

Use A Special Vacuum Cleaner

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When cleaning the pools, you will certainly benefit from a pool vacuum cleaner that cleans the bottom and walls – while removing dirt from the water circulating through the built-in filter. When choosing a vacuum cleaner, choose one that is strong enough so that it has sufficient suction capacity. Otherwise, the job may not be done well – so bacteria will continue to populate your pool, preventing you from having fun in the water.

Also, choose a pool cleaning vacuum cleaner based on the power of the motor, the length of the power cable. Also, pay attention to those vacuum cleaners that are suitable and suited to different shapes of the pools – as well as different materials (foil, ceramics, polyester, concrete, etc.) Don’t forget that you can easily assemble the vacuum cleaner when shopping. Pay attention to the filtering capacity, the pump flow, the length of the programming, and the remote control with the motion sensor. It allows you to easily operate the vacuum cleaner – so cleaning the pool becomes easier and more fun.

What Else Do You Have To Own?

You can also use a cleaning kit to clean the pool. You should have a brush with which you can remove the most stubborn dirt. With the right cleaner you can destroy even the most resistant bacteria, and with accessories – you can retrieve what you couldn’t previously clean. Likewise, there is a wide range of products and mixtures for descaling and organic impurities, located at the edges of the pool and accumulating during the bathing season.

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