3 Tips & Tricks For Styling your Short Lace Bob Wig

Nowadays, wigs are becoming more and more popular, for several different reasons. They allow you to refresh your look and change the color and length of your hair. They are a great choice for all those who are wondering how a certain hairstyle would suit them, and do not want to take drastic measures to find out. Although long hair was a big hit a few years ago, it seems that now short bob hairstyles have taken over the throne and become a favorite among women. Maybe you wanted to purchase short lace bob wig, but you were scared that it will be too demanding to style and take care of it. If so, we are here to show you some tips and tricks for styling the short lace bob wig and maybe nudge you into trying it out!

1. Use optimal shampoos and conditioners


Although styling a short lace bob wig may sound complicated, which requires a lot of work, it is really far from the truth. If you choose a wig made of virgin hair, its preparation for styling will not be much different from the preparation of your real hair. In order for the lace wig to be adequately styled, it is necessary to wash it with an optimal shampoo and conditioner. All experts suggest using sulfate-free and silicone-free shampoo, as they can be too aggressive and lead to damage and loss of shine. And after you decided to treat yourself with a new, expensive wig, the last thing you want is to take the wrong steps and make it look bad. If you can, avoid blow-drying your hair. Instead, let it air dry, as this is the most gentle way to do it. Never skip the conditioner, because it removes charge and makes your bob look flawless and be very soft. As general advice, we can say that your bob wig requires gentle products and gentle treatment. This will prevent breakage and thinning of the hair, which is the most important thing when you invest in things like this.

2. Prep your short lace bob wig for heat treatment


While it would be optimal to avoid using heat on your bob wigs, of course, you sometimes want to change your hairstyle. Sometimes you really feel gentle and summery and think that summer waves are the perfect addition to such a mood. And we can’t help but agree! However, in such situations, it is important to adequately prepare your wig, in order to do minimal damage. For starters, make sure you comb it thoroughly using a wide-tooth comb. This type of comb is suitable because it prevents tangling. Start at the ends, then build your way up to keep hair breakage to a minimum. The next step is a non-rinsing balm, which will give it shine and provide optimal hydration before treatment. Apply a spray that protects the hair from the heat to reduce the damage caused by the hairdryer, hair straightener, or curling iron. Although this may seem like an unnecessary step, if you are persistent, the wig will be preserved for a very long time and you will not have to replace it too quickly. However, if you are really lazy, consider products that actually represent two products in one. They will nourish the hair and protect it from the harmful effects of heat. Be patient with the prep of the wig, because it will ensure that you style it exactly as you imagined and be able to enjoy your hairstyle. Otherwise, it will look damaged and frizzy, which you certainly want to avoid.

3. Choose the bob style you like


The best idea when choosing a bob wig is to opt for a style that you like and that you will enjoy wearing every day. While this is logical, when you have a huge selection of different bob wigs in front of you, you may be tempted to choose something that is not in line with your general style. And then you will have to style the bob every day, which will lead to faster hair damage. So we suggest that you think carefully about what kind of hairstyle you want and what goes with your overall image. On you can find so many different short lace bob wigs.

Try to answer yourself a few of the most important questions: what hair color do I want? Do I want to go with something that is similar to my natural color, or do I want something completely different? Do bangs look tempting to me? Is a straight, wavy, or curly bob better for every day? Will I feel more comfortable with a wig that has ear or shoulder-length? Do I want it to look elegant and tidy or casual and modern? There is no right or wrong answer to these questions. Be honest with yourself and choose the style that suits you the most and from which you will be able to get the most out. If you succeed to choose the right short lace bob wig for yourself, you will enjoy your new look every day with minimal effort. The last thing you want is to spend hours in front of a mirror, styling your bob wig. And the whole point of wearing a wig is to make our lives easier and make us happy with our hairstyle. Take the time to decide what goes with you and just listen to your gut feeling.



Wigs are a great choice for all those who want beautiful hairstyles with minimal effort. New hair can make you feel refreshed and beautiful. In the last few years, short lace bob wigs have become increasingly popular, so if you haven’t tried them, we suggest you do so. Styling this type of hair is not difficult if you follow a few simple tips. Use gentle products, minimal heat and try to choose the right style of wig for yourself in the first place. With a little effort, you will look phenomenal and you will never feel better with your new hairstyle!

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