Ultimate Sneaker Copping Guide for 2024

On your mark, get set, go! It’s time to tackle the year’s drops and cops. Take 2024 by the horns with these helpful tips and tricks.

​Cop All The Red-hot Sneaker Drops in 2024: Here’s How

For pros and rookies alike, copping sneakers in 2024 is going to be a wild ride. Here’s how you can make the most of the experience and play the game with confidence.

​See What’s Dropping in 2024


Before you start copping, you need to know what’s dropping. Anticipate weekly releases from the usual suspects, with certain fan-favs hogging the spotlight. Adidas, Nike, and New Balance are predicted to steal the scene in 2024, with a lot of collaborative efforts on the rise.

Look for some new tricks, old standbys, and mashups of the past and present. Be ready to expect the unexpected!

​The Best Industry Info and Hook-Ups

A strong foundation leads to a sturdy structure. Aside from the drops, you need to pay attention to the market’s situation. Make sure you have the full scoop on 2024’s forecast.

Right now, there’s a lot of uncertainty. Be on constant guard for changes, delays, and pricing upticks. The shipping and delivery industries are in dire straits, so you have to keep this in mind as well. Just be ready for ups and downs that can shift one way or another at the drop of a hat.

Aside from studying the economy, make sure you have some people in your corner. Embracing a strong mentor in the resale industry is critical. Not only will they share their experiences with you, but they’ll teach you whatever you need to know. The key is to allow yourself to learn and figure out what works for you. Click here to find a helpful solution to up your game.

Cook groups are another vital asset to copping sneakers in 2024. Essentially, they’re groups of dedicated resellers who work together to get the lowdown and share info on all things sneaker-related. Though they do cost money and have waiting lists, it’s well worth the time, effort, and small fees to join, as there is definitely strength in numbers.

​Don’t Be Fooled by Fakes


Just like anything else, purchasing sneakers online comes with some risks. It’s not uncommon for even a seasoned veteran to have gone through an ugly experience once or twice. Again though, listen to their stories and learn from them, so you decrease the probability of going through a similar nightmare.

Unknowingly buying fakes from third parties and then reselling them will immediately stigmatize you in the sneaker world. You don’t want this happening, as losing clientele due to mistrust fast-tracks you toward failure. Here are some proven ways to ensure you’re finding the real deal. It’s best to implement all of these before making your score official.

• Go with your gut: First and foremost, rely on your instinct. If something is too good to be true, don’t fall for it. As you progress in this field, you’ll gain a better sense of how the cogs in the system work.

• Seller ratings take precedence: Study reviews. Stay away from anything with low stars or is under a 95% rating. Look for legitimate comments on both sides of the spectrum.

• Ask for photos: Don’t trust what you see on the surface. Request additional pics from the seller, perhaps asking for a unique setup so you know they’re authentic. Compare the official retail images versus what they send you.

• Use receipts as evidence: You’re more likely to find a legit item when you ask for an original receipt. Scammers won’t have ironclad proof of a valid purchase.

​Managing Your Money

When buying and reselling stock, you want to ready your accounts before you begin. PayPal, for example, might see an onslaught of activity at once and freeze you out.

Make sure you contact whatever institutes you’re using ahead of time to follow the proper business protocol. Otherwise, you’ll be in for a headache that will take a while to rectify.

Also, it’s important to put some money aside for taxes. Reselling sneakers is a lucrative and legal enterprise, but you need to report your income. Not doing so can result in a nasty aftermath.

​How to Cash In


Once you’re ready to sell, it’s time to set yourself up and establish a presence. You can take several routes or combine a few of them for a better chance of earning top-dollar. These are the most popular resell platforms for 2024:

• StockX is the site sneakerheads trust the most for new products and information.
• Facebook groups will spread the word about your latest inventory fairly quickly.
• Craigslist so often is the initial go-to platform for those new to the industry.
• eBay offers fee-free reselling as one of its newer features.
• GOAT app’s Alias allows you to sell both new and used sneakers.

​Re-up Your Supply

As in any business, your goal of copping sneakers is to make money for both profit and overhead purposes: cop in order to cop again! Even if you only purchase one pair and resell it, take that gain and invest it in another pair. When you’re new, you have to intelligently get a feel for things and learn the ropes without taking a loss.

It’s likely you don’t have a vast source of income to spend at first, so start small. Let your earnings snowball, and if you’re wise with your finances, you’ll be able to expand your inventory in hopefully just a short amount of time. Easycop bot proxies will help you acquire stock to turn into cash.

​Ending on a High Note


If you follow this how-to guide from start to finish, you’ll have an organized and well-planned idea of how to maximize your potential. To sum it up:

• Get wise about the industry
• Know where to look
• Listen to the pros
• Be a smart copper
• Start small and sell big
• Build your empire

Take it one step at a time. Rely on your knowledge and continued experience to expand your operations. The sneaker industry is a goldmine for the right entrepreneur. Is this you?

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